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Shanghai JEGOPLAY Group:Looking at the boundless and vast sky, What is hidden?




In the legends, Millions of years ago, The ocean was floating on the sky, The land was made of soft clouds. The sea of clouds floating in the sky, Is the home of huge marine organism.


▽场地鸟瞰 Aerial View



Sunshine dances with clouds here, Fragrance of flowers and plants suffuses in the air, Wind rustles and wanders through palm trees, Ocean snuggles up to reefs.




The whale, Alice, makes the sound frequency of 52 hertz, While no buddies respond to her, Day after day, year after year, Alice is seeking with no exhaustion.




However, The destiny cannot stop Alice chasing happiness, Even she has no buddies, alienated and always alone, Alice keeps singing for a long time.




Suddenly, Here comes the frolicking sound from little angels.




They cluster toward Alice as she flew out of the sea of clouds. This time, Alice found her buddies finally, They sing the cheerful “the Song of Whale”.



01. 跟着Alice去天空遨游-一跃千里,放肆飞翔 Roam in the sky accompanying with Alice-Traveling over maintains and rivers, you can fly everywhere!

你能想象么?Alice一跃能千里!陪伴在Alice周围的小天使越来越多, Alice以飞跃水面之势,欢迎着小天使们做客它的秘密世界。

Can you imagine? That Alice can leap for thousands of miles! More and more little angels come to Alice, Alice throw herself out of the water, Sending her greetings and hospitality for angels visiting her secret world.




Quickly! Seek help for climbing net, climbing ropes or spiral stairs, And all channels you can find, To ride the wind with Alice!




The mystical world in the belly of Alice, Is more puzzling as we getting closer, It’s so weird! I am seemingly trapped in here!




Move and find the game panel hidden in surroundings, Solve puzzles and dispel doubts, You will approach to success closer!



高约26米、长约66米的巨型鲸鱼占地约1500㎡,依托以Jonathan Swift写的小说《Gulliver’s Travels》飞岛国关联52Hz鲸鱼Alice的传奇故事为灵感,将自然生态系统与项目理念深度融合,项目主设备鲸鱼搭载近30多种娱乐设施,成为有主题场景感与科普教育的游乐空间。

The huge whale with the sizes of H*L=26*66 (mm) covers the area of approximately 1500㎡ and deeply integrates the natural ecosystem with the project philosophy relying on the legend of 52Hz Whale Alice living in the Laputa of Gulliver’s Travels composed by Jonathan Swift. The main whale carries over 30 recreation facilities and is the amusement space combining with theme scene and science education.


▽游玩动线 Play line



Create multiple 3D experiences, free the nature of children and regain the innocence of adult!



02.去梦幻沙滩打滚-甜蜜童话,放牧心灵 Roll on the ground of dream beach-Listen to sweet fairy tales and release your heart


After passing the whale’s challenge, You will be transferred to a dreamy pink beach, Huge overpass and floating round clouds, Where am I now?




Look! Here a twinkling star, It’s really pentangular!




Climb and reach to top, Pick up the brightest star, Send it my most loved one!




Traverse the dream beach,Enter the ideal fairyland ……




The designer broke the conventions to connect the recreation area located at pink beach of concave layer through the slides on whale’s flanks based on the traffic flow planning. The “circle” floating in the height of about 4m is a combined game frame and built with diverse entrances and exits, and staggered and spacious climbing game space.


▽效果图 Renderings

▽实景图 Real picture


03.在临水空间撒欢-感官体验,欢乐加倍 Gamboling in the space close to water-Sensual experience doubles the joy


Returning from the adventures of dream beach in triumph, Come to beach and have a rest! Slide down sharply from the fish strop, You will feel the double, stimulating experience from seeing and hearing. I believe you will try it again!




Press the handle to control the water gun, And “destroy” every enemy you find!




If you’re tired, You can roam through the sea grass world, It’s so weird! Why does it spray water when I get close?




How do I get water from the high hills?What is the working principle of the spiral water feeder?Come and have a closer look in connected water plant!


▽取水器动图演绎 Water dispenser animation interpretation



In this project, we find the nature of children loving water and propose the design water play area that is equipped with the functions satisfying the children all ages. We fuse the natural rhythm of calm and glistening sea surface and undulating hills to build up the foundations, and configure the recreation facilities themed by marine life, such as sea grass lamp and water spraying device, hippocampus shake fighter, fish strop…… to perfect the playgrounds. The water play area with the uniform marine theme ensures the multi-functional groups and makes the space orderly to cater to the theme IP.



04. 来自设计师的一封信-用快乐承包孩子童年记忆 A letter from designer-We hope the happiness undertakes the childhood memory of children


The open theme park – Senhaiparadise with the area of approximately 45,000 ㎡ was built by Tianjin Vanke. Jegoplay Group participated in the detailed design of all-aged recreation area – Whale’s Paradise themed by the story of butterfly and whale, which covers the area of 3600㎡. The huge whale IP is 26m high and 66m long approximately. The area integrates the function, technology and wisdom, includes rich expansive recreation facilities over 30 categories and brings the more enjoyable entertainment from intelligence and culture to adults and children.




Playing in the body of huge whale, the dreamy pink beach matching with hanging “CDs” constructs the concrete amusement space. The sideways parents-child water play area, animal shake fighter, sea grass lamp and other equipment form the micro marine theme area. We hope the serious of uniform expression language develops into the parents-child topic exploring the life diversity, continuously refreshing the children’s perception above ocean and feeling the complexity and greatness of nature in the comfortable and warm mode of “Parent -child interaction and Social communication”.




Project Name: Tianjin Vanke on STC Demonstration Zone Whale’s Paradise
Completion Time: July 2021
Project Area: 3500㎡
Project Site: Tianjin
Design Company: JEGOPLAY Group
Company’s Website: http://www.jegoplay.com/
E-mail: jegoplay@jegoplay.com
Chief Designer: Jin Jiazhuang
Design Team: JEGOPLAY Group
Clien: Tianjin Vanke
Photographer: Brand Department of JEGOPLAY Group




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