INTERSTICE Architects:  87年历史的USF校园的中心。位于学生生活中心的科学中心项目需要一种新的景观类型占据“中心舞台”,因为它编织了主要的地下建筑。该设计创造了高性能、多层次的“户外教室”,可以处理、渗透和收集雨水,支持多样化的原生植物群落,并为学生、教师、员工和游客重建校园的社交中心。

INTERSTICE Architects:  hub of the 87 year-old USF Campus. The Science Center project, sited at the very focus of student life, demanded a new landscape typology that occupies “center stage” as it weaves through the primarily underground building. The design creates high-performing, multi-level “outdoor-classrooms” that treat, infiltrate and collect storm-water, support diverse native plant communities, and re-establish the social heart of the campus for students, faculty, staff and visitors.




Breaking from a century-old tradition of landscape being subservient to buildings, this radically integrated design solution placed over two-thirds of the new building below ground, comprehensively redefining the existing plaza, as a multi-level, landscape connecting interior and exterior space and program. Limited land and topography demanded an unprecedented level of integrated project design and delivery, and created a building and landscape typology that fully engages the topography, making it difficult to distinguish “landscape” from “architecture”. By establishing multiple circulations, accesses and overlooks between interior and exterior, the design creates an experience of moving seamlessly between various expressions of “ground” on three separate levels at this nexus of the campus.


事务所: INTERSTICE Architects
地点: 美国加利福尼亚州旧金山
类型: 教育大学景观+规划城市绿地
状态: 已建成
年份: 2014年
照片: Bruce Damonte
Firm: INTERSTICE Architects
Location: San Francisco, CA, United States
Type: Educational › University Landscape + Planning › Urban Green Space
Status: Built
Year: 2014
Photos: Bruce Damonte

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