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landpoint:In the lush natural woods, an office space which is integrated in it gradually grows out. Multi-lateral venues and installations associate the originally separated green spaces just like scattered diamonds. “Mirroring” nature and “artistic” office, add unprecedented vitality to the quiet Summer Snow Road.




提起现代城市人的工作状态,高速、繁忙、紧张这些形容词总是如影随形。随着社会发展,工作占据城市人1/2甚至更多的生活时间,更多人意识到工作环境对城市人工作效率和生活质量的影响,舒适的办公环境是城市人非常迫切的需求。我们认为—— “与自然的相互交融”是智慧城市产业园的大趋势,通过景观专业的介入,使原本冰冷紧张的办公环境变成生机盎然的让人感觉安全放松的空间,同时兼具艺术性与互动性,使人们能感受到美与尊重。从而改变办公场所冰冷、紧张的“场域”。



The Moment of Design
“Continue the natural field and create an ideal office space”

When it comes to the working conditions of urban people, some adjectives such as “high-speed”, “busy” and “nervous” often follow. With the development of society, work accounts for half or even more of urban people’ entire time. More and more realize the impact of working environment on urban people’s working efficiency and life quality. A comfortable office environment becomes an urgent need. We believe “the integration with nature” is the general trend of the city park industry. Through the involvement of the landscape professionals, the originally cold and tense office environment becomes a vigorous space that makes people feel safe and relaxed, and at the same time being artistic and interactive.

When our team first received the commission from the Vanke city industrial park at the foot of Xishan in Beijing, we were deeply moved by this natural field which is totally different from the hectic city. The most precious thing about this field is its natural forest inside and outside the site. It is held by all that a forest can only be formed after 10 years’ cultivation. Although there are no colorful and precious stones and blooming flowers, you can still feel a rare relaxation and pleasure, as long as you go into the forest and sense the breeze, the shadow of the trees and the fragrance of the grass.

We hope to be a sewing artist to make up a pure landscape and to realize our desire as to “plant space in the woods” and “magnify the natural beauty with art.” This is the starting point of this design.


▼LOGO水景的镜面与光影产生微妙互动,随着时间流逝树林倒影变幻无穷 The Logo interacts delicately with the light and shadow of the water




Site impression

The environment is rich but not pure.
The natural beauty of light and shadow is touching.
There are some natural trees growing on the site. Although they lack management and finishing and are slightly messy, they are still usable.
The venue is adjacent to the park, but it lacks interoperability with the office space, which leads to its poor accessibility. Besides, there is a lack of resting facilities inside, which is inconvenient for dwellers.


▼项目内部的原生大树 – 光影、树影增添自然之美 


景观布局设计 – 用统一的语言对自然进行收纳



我们提出了“用统一的语言收纳自然”的设计理念,以建筑平面的“钻石型”进行提炼,通过统一的“楔形晶块”语言贯穿建筑与公园、水景、现状树、道路绿带等,将本来碎块化的、分散的互不联通的周边绿地以同一种语言向园区收纳,形成统一的绿地体系——整个展示区由多个“晶体模块”共同聚合成一个纯化的城市开放空间 。

Landscape layout design – Containing nature in a unified language

The client hopes to use the green space (orange area) on the south side of the industrial park as the display area of the Green Lake project, intending to reflect the style and characteristics of the future office area.

According to the project planning conditions, the city exhibition hall as the central building of the exhibition has an awkward relationship with the main green space location. Most of the buildings are at a corner; many important areas are scattered in the green space, such as the commercial street entrance plaza, the display corner of the city street, and the exhibition hall. Therefore, it is difficult to connect them into a reasonable one-way streamline.

We put forward the design concept of “containing nature in a unified language”, refining it with the “diamond type” of the architectural plane. Through the unified “wedge-shaped crystal block” language, buildings, parks, water features, current trees, and road green belts are run through. The originally scattered and impassable green area will be stored in the same language, forming a unified green space system. The entire exhibition area will be aggregated into a purified urban open space by multiple “crystal modules”.








Design Concept
Design around the original tree – inheriting nature, creating a field

The site of the project is long and narrow, and the streamline is complicated. This makes it not perfectly usable, but the good point is that the trees grow into a forest, so it has its own style. There are 19 original trees standing in the site, although most of them are common trees such as poplars. They are not comparable with the nursery special selection of seedlings, but after more than ten years of cultivation, they grow into a tall and dense, unique and vigorous posture.

Whether the landscape is moving or not depends on whether or not it can create a unique “aura”. At the beginning of the landscape design, we believe that the key to shaping the aura of the project site is by “retaining and utilizing the natural forest”. In the design, we kept all the large trees, designed the site around the big trees, and arranged the rest facilities, landscape pieces and event venues according to the location of the big trees. In doing so, we continued the ten-year natural veins of the site. Through our design, we break the estrangement between man and nature, forming a picturesque office environment with the integration of nature and art.


▼围绕原生树布置的荫下折线办公长桌 The broken-line shaped table around the natural trees


▼长桌通过树影造型的抛光亦可反射头顶的树影 The polishing pattern of the table also reflects the tree shadow


▼围绕三棵原生大杨树打造的水景  The waterscape built around three natural big trees  





Crystal — Mirror — Enlarge the natural light and shadow, reflecting natural image.

The deepest impression this site left us was the sun’ projection of the trees on the ground and the wall. The tree shadows follow the changing sun, which endows the original plain scenery the meaning of art.

In the design, we introduced the concept of “mirror reflection” along the idea of wedge-shaped ingots to turn those ingots into small diamonds. Through a series of mirror-reflective materials, the natural light and shadow changes are strengthened. Through the mirror reflection, the surrounding tree shadows and skylights are projected. In the pedestrian venue, the mirror shadows are intertwined with the real tree shadows, forming an artistic, dream-like effect of the virtual reality.



▼构筑物与标识系统沿用“晶体”“钻石”的元素 The building and logo uses the elements of crystals and diamonds




Designed for people-“comfortable” “convenient” and “fun”

The site is to provide services for users. In the layout of landscape, we remove all unnecessary decorations by “subtraction”, retaining only functional equipment and making these devices interesting and artistic.
People can use them conveniently and at the same time, also feel a sense of beauty, vitality and pleasure.



▼林下办公长桌上增加了手机充电装置 Charging devices under the table




Project completion – challenges and ingenuity
Completion of the irregular-shaped planting pool

One of the highlights of this project is the multiple irregular-shaped planting pools that run through the site. The difference between the height of the pools is actually due to the fact that the trees have different shape and height. By doing so, we are able to protect the roots of the trees from destruction of the engineering construction.


The precision mode of the single planting pond construction. The planting pond uses whole stones to process. In the design process, we simulate the processing shape and size of each stone through SU modeling. Each stone is processed and numbered by 3D cutting. Then they are installed according to the number


▼公园异形坐凳的设计亦是用此法落地 The design of the irregular-shaped bench in the park is the same as the above





The completion of office table devices under the trees

In order to protect the roots of the natural trees, we chose to use the relatively small office table devices. On one hand, it can meet the needs of the working white-collars. On the other hand, the table circles under the willow trees and its shape also echoes the harp in the water. This feels like that the tables shuttle up and down the ground and finally breaks out from the center waterscape, forming a “water harp” sculpture.

The paving under the table is also an overhead practice, ensuring that the roots of the trees can smoothly absorb water from the natural soil.


▼确定好现状树点位后,先进行长桌基础形状的推敲 After the position of the tree is located, the design of the tables’ basic shape begins

▼通过展开面表现精细图案,交由厂家施工 Unfolding the exquisite pattern to the construction company



▼地面铺装为架空式,下层为实土,长桌柱基础很小,不影响根系 The paving is overhead. The foundation of the table is shallow so as not to interfere with the growth of the root


▼长桌钢架结构安装中 The installment of the steel-framed structure of the table


▼长桌喷砂雕花效果实验中,图案效果边缘锐利清晰The trial of sand blasting and engraving on the table. The edge of the pattern are shape and clear


▼安装完成 completion




Design of FRP grating under the trees

Because trees have different ground diameters, the position between the roots and the pavement is also different. In order to ensure the perfect connection between the trees and the pavement, we have designed a FRP grating for each tree.


▼深化每块篦子的图案 Deepen the pattern of each FRP grating


▼现场订制设计树篦子样式 Design the pattern of FRP grating on the site




Project name: Vanke Lake International
Project location: xia xue road, zhongguancun environmental protection science and technology park, haidian district, Beijing
Area: site area of 15000 ㎡, core area of 5000 ㎡
Design date: April 2017
Project opening date: July 2018
Client: Beijing Vanke
Chief designer: Li Jianhong
Design leader: Li Huawen
Construction drawing leader: Zhou Ziyu
Planting designer: Zhang Wenqiang
Design team: Li Linlin, Yi yinhai, Zhao Jinhua, Tian yun, Deng Lei, Wang Kaiyuan, Song Jingyuan
Landscape photography: 繁玺视觉
Thanks for the photo provided by the designers: Li Jianhong, Li Huawen, Yi Yinhai, Zhang Wenqiang, Zhao Jinhua
Architectural design: Shanghai ruifeng architectural design consulting co., LTD
Sculpture design: hangzhou wujiuyi culture creative co., LTD
Package design: RCK
Logo: ToThree
Writing: Li Huawen
Editor: Zhao jinhua


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