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HassellSince opening, the West Bund has attracted up to 40,000 visitors in a single day, becoming a truly must-visit waterfront destination in Shanghai, and one of the most beloved public spaces in the city.




The West Bund is a vibrant, revitalised destination that now attracts people from all over Shanghai as a riverside art and cultural centre, with a previously inaccessible waterfront area having been turned into a drawcard, offering a connection to nature, healing, leisure and respite.


▽滨河带场地功能分析 Site function analysis of riverfront belt

▽改造更新后的城市公共空间 The urban public space after renovation and renewal


我们的客户 —— 西岸集团始终致力于为公众打造更为怡人、更具趣味、亲和易达的空间。2021年初,Hassell受西岸集团委托为上海黄浦江西岸11.4公里沿线的一系列滨水项目开展设计工作。西岸曾是20世纪民族工业的发源地和2010年世博会的举办地,现已从生产岸线转型至生活岸线,华丽转身为高密度城市中极富价值的开放空间。

Our client, the West Bund Group, is committed to providing more enjoyable and easily-accessible spaces for the public. In early 2021, Hassell was commissioned to work on a series of waterfront projects spanning 11.4km along the West Bund part of Huangpu River in Shanghai, stretching from north to south. Once a significant industrial cradle on the Huangpu River and previously the site of the 2010 World Expo, the West Bund has now been magnificently transformed into a valuable open space in the high-density city.





“Landscape architecture is not just about creating beautiful places but about building connections between people and with nature. We appreciate the concept and ideas that Hassell brought to the Xuhui Waterfront nodes that we worked on together as a project. The outcome reflects our respect for the site, care for people’s requirements and it encourages interaction between people to create a waterfront lifestyle for everyone to enjoy,” said Ye Keyang, Deputy GM of the West Bund Group.

Our team considered four types of waterfront spaces with different functions – cultural venues, retail, independent buildings and temporary facilities – and identified ways of configuring various spaces based on four dimensions: human scale, identity, a shared space and activation, which highlight the co-existence between green spaces and buildings.


▽四大场地空间分析 Four site spatial analysis


人们在草坪上野餐、聚会或独处,在健身房挥洒汗水,在咖啡馆品味醇香,在溜冰场欢畅滑行,在骑行道自在前行,还有小画家们在以 “汇聚于江”为设计灵感的长桌上展现想象力。这正是设计师们乐见的场景,他们的努力以设想的方式成为了现实,用户们更是以新颖独特的方式使用着空间,充分享受着改造提升后的滨水都市。

The West Bund now boasts grassy areas for picnics and gatherings and quiet time, exercise spots and cafés, a skate ramp and bicycle lanes and even a long table for activities such as drawing, created by our team and inspired of the way the river curves and flows. Our team has been delighted to see people engaging with the spaces in ways that we planned but also in other unexpected and innovative ways.


▽草坪聚会 The Lawn Party


▽艺术长桌 Art long table



Hassell wants to inspire, educate and demonstrate leadership in sustainable design, and its’s a focus in our projects. We retained the many fully grown trees that existed on the site as well as some of the buildings that were already there in order to preserve the cherished memories that people have of this area, as well as part of the sustainability approach for the project.


▽滑板场 Skatepark


▽被保留的场地记忆 The memory of the site is retained



Our project team needed to address a number of challenges as part of the project including the impact of annual typhoons and floods. We retained as many of the existing plants as possible, as their deep and stable roots are able to resist natural disasters. Meanwhile, we did a detailed plan for selecting species of plants near flood control walls and on over-river platforms that will create a more resilient environment that can cope with extreme weather. These plants also adapt to seasonal changes, allowing people who are living in an urban environment to experience changes in nature.


▽咖啡馆阶梯坐凳 Cafe step stool

▽滨河美景 The view of the river




设计团队:Andrew Wilkinson、朱绍婷、陈昱呈、安迪、吴伟唯、陈晓琳

Name:West Bund Waterfront Public Realm
shanghai, China
Client:West Bund Group
Year:2021 / ongoing
Design team:Andrew Wilkinson, Michelle Zhu, Yucheng Chen, Andi An, Poppy Wu, Xiaolin Chen
Photographer:Hinok Cai, Hassell




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