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Shanghai JEGOPLAY Group:Daydream Forest Parent-Child Park is a parent-child park located in Central China and owns diversified formats and rich experiences, which is one of the core products of “Four Parks, One Town and Seven Hotels” in the fantasy resort built by Xiangyang OCT.





The total investment of the project is about RMB 800 million, covering an area of nearly 210,000 m2, including eight highlights such as Natural Landscape, Sailing Adventure, Cute Pet Animal, Pastoral Practice, Research Course, Original IP, Parade Performance and Parent-child Play, as well as five themed areas such as Discovery Center, Land of Licorice, Gang of Insect, Flying Kingdom and Forest Tribe. There are more than 100 top parent-child amusement experiences at home and abroad in the theme area.

On May 1, 2021, Daydream Forest Parent-Child Park officially opened. As a new companion-type natural parent-child park in China, Daydream Forest creates a new sample of cultural tourism around the concept of “Parent-Child Park”, filling the market gap with creativity first and injecting new vitality into the parent-child cultural tourism market.



成功打造爆款的背后逻辑 Logic behind Successful Creation of a Hot Project



The creation of a hot project is inseparable from the close support of all links. On the basis of full investigation of the project site,Jegoplay team provides integrated services from original concept creation, in-depth design and product implementation, and integrates diversified ways of experience into a limited space.

The coordination between Jegoplay and Xiangyang OCT has left a story on perfect cooperation in the industry. To continue the mission of “Provider for Chinese Family Fun”, Jegoplay launches an immersive natural journey of intellectual and aesthetic education for parent-child families together with OCT.




With the original story IP of “Daydream Forest Adventure” as the mian cultural line, Daydream Forest Parent-Child Park encourages parents to accompany their children to “experience nature and not restrain love”. Featuring “building the first parent-child accompanying amusement park in China”, it integrates natural experience, interactive entertainment, science popularization and education, providing families with a surreal interactive and immersive “nature textbook”.



发现中心 Discovery Center


The “Crown of Courage”, as the spiritual fortress of Daydream Forest, By use of the original climbing equipment with the most abundant design aesthetics and gameplay, Becomes a landmark building at the entrance of the park.



勇气之冠 Crown of Courage


By drawing on the giant tree-like prototype in science fiction stories, To crush, subvert, reorganize, And integrate modern landscape design concept, And the magic crown of pure natural philosophy, We give it whimsical magic, Creating a “Crown of Courage” for children which is full of romantic fantasy and shows a warm-blooded competition




Straight to the top, To unlock a new viewing angle, This viewing platform with a height of 32.5m and a glass plank road, Hangs an anti-gravity law, To link to the extra-long slide of the two-story building, Just like entering a “Forest Tribe” in a fairy tale world.



▽森林部落 Forest Tribe


树腰层 The trunk layer


Connects to the second floor of the Discovery Center, Rich colored glass paints the whole space, Sliding down at a high speed from a 16-meter-high translucent spiral slide, You can experience the enjoyment of walking through giant trees, You can’t help screaming even if you are a sports talent.


▽旋转滑道 Rotating slide


迷你乐园 Mini Paradise


Based on the original IP of “Adventures” of Daydream Forest, A small parent-child paradise is created, Integrating the interactive facilities such as climbing, slide and drill pipe, You can enjoy a wonderful parent-child time here.


▽小型亲子乐园 Small Parent-child Paradise


超级水桌激荡航海梦 Super water table stirs sailing dream

15米长的超级水桌,采用美国boss display原装进口品牌,模拟真实的航行环境。

A 15-meter-long super water table, Adopts boss display, an original imported brand of US, To simulate the real sailing environment.


▽模拟真实的航行的水桌设施 A water table facility that simulates real sailing



Assemble a small boat with building blocks, And put it on the starting line,Witness the boat bypass the mountain, Truly experience the excitement of the boat crossing the rapids.



飞行王国 Flying Kingdom




The nature’s breadth and depth, Sound, smell and image brings about the mystery, Which is much more than the a relatively narrow and limited city life, Living in a family way, National first-class key protected animal – Merganser.

Adhering to the good faith of experiencing biodiversity and protecting animals, A diversified scene-based and immersive children’s amusement area is created, Which has become the mission of this region.



秋沙鸭的沼泽 Swamp of Merganser




Here, we have created a utopia for the harmonious life of Merganser, Changing the dream into tangible reality.

Dense swamp, grass and abundant water, In the wetland inhabited by Merganser, 3 giant Mergansers, Bow their heads to drink, or perch, or want to spread their wings to fly.

The area integrates sliding barrel, suspension bridge, climbing, slide, And more than 20 kinds of facilities with rich functional experience, Allowing children to feel the joy of novelty and exploration, And experience the diversity and vastness of the world.


▽沙鸭元素的游戏场所 Play place for the elements of the merganser


奇趣观鸟台 Fantastic Bird Watching Platform


The tower of bird nest truly restores the Merganser’s, Chest function of “breaking, hatching and perching”, Equipping with rope suspension bridge, three-dimensional climbing, circular lying net, obstacle trail, And more than 20 kinds of rich experience to exercise courage and intelligence.


▽场地分析 Site analysis

▽奇趣观鸟台 Funny bird watching station



The facility has its own shading function, Children can climb through planks and ropes, To exercise their limb muscles and body coordination, Strength courage and challenge ability, enrich the game experience, And explore more natural fun.



森林部落 Forest Tribe


Implant educational activities, combine amusement with learning, Integrate natural science knowledge and outdoor exploration courses with the park, Bring visitors a brand-new way to open the theme park, Make children harvest multiple experiences of knowledge and growth.


▽户外探索乐园 Outdoor Discovery Park


酋长独木舟 Chief Canoe


Set up parent-child bamboo rafts, swaying bridges, and stretch bridges on the lake, Canoe through the “Whispering Lake”, Play as a sailor opening a new world, Enjoy the blue sea and blue sky here, Feel the adventurous spirit of sailing



丛林赛道 Jungle Track


Four kinds of non-power bikes for every age group are created, Allowing children to explore alone, Or sharing parent-child time with family, Here is the only choice.




甘草之乡 Land of Licorice

谷粒跳跳毯,由高 UV 和高强度螺纹结构的聚氯乙烯帆布材料,制成的可同时容纳约80人的巨大蹦床,通过在弹跳枕头的跳跃间,让孩子获得飞跃空中的愉悦感。

Grain Jumping Blanket, PVC canvas material with high UV and high-strengthen thread structure, Is made to a huge trampoline that can accommodate about 80 people at the same time, Through jumping between the bouncing pillow, Children can get the pleasure of flying in the air.



丰收快车 Harvest Express


Returning from the adventure in a magic world, The whole family gets on the “Harvest Express”, the sightseeing tractor, In a harvest scene of the plantation. Feel the comfort of the breeze, In the slightly shaking express, Enjoy birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers, and the leisurely rhythm of the field, Childlike shape, This is a happy paradise for the whole family.



谷仓传送带 Barn Conveyor


Connect to amusement area with four extra-long slides created by the barn, Explore grain knowledge while enjoying a thrill slide, Embrace the pure beauty of time during rapid slide.



设计师说 Designer says


Children’s vast imagination, Let them live in a rich and broad world, And have tireless curiosity, The world adults see and experience is big, But trifles are always easy to limit their pace to explore the world, Hope the parent-child park we create, Could take people back to childhood.And let adults be happy and innocent in it, Amazed by a snowflake, and moved by a ray of sunshine.




设计团队: 季高设计集团

Project name: Xiangyang Daydream Forest Parent-Child Park
Year of completion: May 2021
Project area: 9,000m2
Design company name (landscape/architecture): Jego Design Group
Website: http://www.jegoplay.com/
E-mail: jegoplay@jegoplay.com
Chief designer: Zhang Wei
Design team: Jego Design Group
Client/developer: Xiangyang Overseas Chinese Town (Xiangyang OCT)
Photographer: Brand Department of Jegoplay Group