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UMS: Yiwu, a time-honored ancient city, has grown out of the land of Wushang. Having gone through the development of commerce and the founding of the city, this charming new international metropolis is rising and shining in modern times.




Today in this downtown area, a lightsome and natural art space quietly sneaks in at the corner. Offering leisurely still water and green grass, it brings a living environment with both a sense of contemporaneity and a sense of quality to this commercial metropolis. The Project is inspired by “Urban Renewal · Heading for Beauty”, firmly rooted in the temperament and endowment of Yiwu World Trade City, and implanted the art label deeply in it, thus creating an “picturesque scene of art” with urban humanity and project individuality.




“Filiality” is the origin of Yiwu’s culture, which means companionship and symbiosis. This Project is intended to continue the context and locality, establish the “symbiosis” of landscape and architecture, and make an design integrating landscape and architecture.



1.超长形象界面 Super-long image interface


To achieve the artistic integration with architecture, this Project creates an extension interface of nearly 130 meters for external image display. Through the landscape wall design with a sense of revelation and sequence, it creates a spatial sequence that combines virtuality and reality, and offers a delicate and high-quality visual experience.


▽形象展示界面 Image display interface


2.打造流动庭院 Creation of a flowing courtyard


The Project provides a triple-space experience: first, to create a sense of domain and a portal interface with identity and artistry; second, to build a sequence to guide the separation of pedestrians and vehicles, forming a transition to introverted space; third, to create the landmark for the window of inside art, strengthen the sense of immersion in light-shadow art, and build an light-shadow art gallery full of a sense of show window. With water as the medium, the Project creates a continuous and flowing courtyard, de-homogenizes the three-sided effect of central landscape by making use of the artistic water courtyard to offer a rich and different spatial experience.


▽艺术水景 Art Waterscape


3.自然艺术生长 Growing art of nature


The well-arranged plant configuration and the building facade bring out the best in each other to create an artistic scene. As a result, an organic dialogue between plants and buildings is established at the site, allowing the art of nature to grow.


▽设计策略 Design Strategy



Based on nature and art, through a design integrating landscape and architecture, the Project incorporates the vocabulary of “flowing”, “floating”, “growth” and “art” into the garden space. In this quintuplicate garden, following such five themes as “Back to the Garden”, “Bathe in Light”, “Streaming Shadow”, “Appreciation of Artistic Conception” and “Discriminating Heart”, the Project represents the fixed moment of the existence and growth of nature. With water as the medium and art as the base, the quintuplicate collection space floating on the water is slowly unfolded by means of dynamic narrative.


▽五重花园空间示意图 Five Themes Garden Spaces

▽平面图 Plan


归园 Back to the Garden


Walking out of the connecting parking lot, the sequential planting guides visitors to the entrance of the Sales Center, which starts the “picturesque scene of art” of the quintuplicate courtyard to quietly reveal the leisure to go back home and explore the garden.


▽入口空间 Entrance space



Here, the open and clear space is filled with a tranquil atmosphere. The mirror-like waterscape further extends the space through the reflection of light.


▽镜面水景 Mirror water feature

▽迎宾吧台 Welcome bar



The embellishment of arbors fills the artistic atmosphere with natural beauty. Above the water surface, the sunken tree pool enriches the sense of depth again.


▽对景景墙 Facing wall


沐光 Bathe in Light


The sunshine returns to the wood, creeping back onto the moss green. The flowing open layout presents an expansive and inclusive style. Through the waterscape, the combination of schist and green grass seems to be a scenery from the mountain forest, which unfolds slowly like a miniature landscape painting.


▽漂浮的景观庭院,丰富空间层次 Floating landscaped courtyard enriches spatial levels



The floating platform is inspired by a tea table, highlighting an elegant emotional appeal of drinking tea leisurely.



流影 Streaming Shadow


This is an art box. We hope that through the cutting of light by the box body, we can juxtapose three different kinds of light, namely, burning light, weak light and shadow, at the same time and in the same space, thus to reveal the natural rhythm of breath and activate people’s understanding of natural beauty based on a strong contrast. A modelled maple tree is planted at the end of the art box to create a theatre-like atmosphere and develop into a symbolic mark.


▽极简的设计,营造无序的空间转换 Minimalist design creates disordered space transformation


品意 Appreciation of Artistic Conception


Guided by the light, visitors step into the next art courtyard. As a result, the space is opened again. The quiet water and the tranquil atmosphere spread through. A more open floating platform is presented here, light on the still water. In the sun, rough stones floating on the water appears in sight lightly, revealing the most direct honesty to art and life.


▽艺术庭院 Art garden


鉴心 Discriminating Heart


The flowing space exhibits the aesthetics of life thoroughly. Walking inward along the corridor, another water courtyard suddenly come into view. Visitors are positioned on the water platform, surrounded by bubbling springs and rippling microwaves, which adds a flexible feeling to the tranquil atmosphere.


▽艺术连廊 Art gallery



The open water and French windows here bring out the best in each other, making the view transparent and open. With the concept of “window display”, the natural growth of landscape becomes more vigorous. Nature, art and light are linked here, presenting a pleasant and tranquil visual enjoyment of the water court.


▽怡然静谧的水院 Pleasant and quiet water yard


项目以“城市更新·向美而行”为主题,借以水的灵动与澄澈,激活空间的隐逸磁场,带动情绪的转换,为到访者带来酒店式尊崇入户体验,国际人居的觉醒,为项目打造世界的义乌、更新的孝子祠提供了时代契机。 一个致力城市人居迭代的当代故事,正在更新的艺术中从容开述。

The theme of the Project is “Urban Renewal · Heading for Beauty”. Based on the flexibility and clarity of water, the Project activates the secluded magnetic field of the space, drives the transformation of emotions, brings visitors a distinguished hotel-like experience of home and the awakening of international human settlements, which provides an opportunity of the times for the Project to Make Yiwu global and renew the Filial Ancestral Hall. A contemporary story dedicated to the iteration of urban human settlements is being calmly told in the renewed art.


▽下沉的水中树池 Sunken water tree pool




Project Name: China Resources Land Xiaozi Ancestral Runfu
Location: Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province
Type: Residential Display Center
Landscape area: 3843㎡
Completion: October 2022
Owner: China Resources Land Hangzhou Branch
Party A team: Yuan Yi, Wang Shanshan, Jin Hu, Li Sidi, Zhu Qi, Jin Tao, Chen Yuqian
Landscape Design: Inside and Outside Metropolis (Beijing) Planning and Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Interior Design: Shanghai Wujian Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Construction Drawing Deepening Design Unit: Shanghai Landscape Industry Development Co., Ltd.
Photography: Holi, Enchanting Companion Vision




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