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Informal DesignLocated in the WILD ISLAND Cultural Community of Huizhou, Yanho Kitchen and Bistro is a restaurant that restores the flavors of the four seasons with simple ingredients and natural space.



生于野岛,感知四季 Feel the beauty of the four seasons in WILD ISLAND


In the Cultural Community that has reshaped the original architecture for more than 20 years, it is inspired by the sense of the four seasons, and delicately integrates the natural light with the local architecture. The architectural texture full of time imprints tells of the birth story of Yanho Kitchen and Bistro.


▽野岛环境 Noshima environment


自然而然,呼吸流动 Naturally, the breath flows


In order to preserve the savage growth environment of the original architecture as much as possible, the Yanho Kitchen and Bistro rooted in the overgrown weeds is constructed into an open courtyard shape.


▽自然共生共长 Natural symbiosis and common growth



The indoor space of the Yanho Kitchen and Bistro connects three entrances in different orientations through an L-shaped corridor, which cleverly connects the stepped square and garden atrium before and after the Yanho Kitchen and Bistro. The boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces is blurred and the flexibility of the space is improved through the large area of glass windows and sliding and folding wooden windows.


▽室内空间巧妙地衔接了阶梯广场和花园中庭 The interior Spaces subtly connect the stepped square with the garden atrium

▽大面积的玻璃窗和可推拉折叠的木窗模糊了室内外空间的边界 Extensive glazing and sliding and folding wooden Windows blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor Spaces

▽空间细节 Spatial detail



Every façade and skylight of the architecture are established to ensure that natural light can reach every corner: The natural courtyard atmosphere created by blurring architectural boundary allows every soft light to be introduced into this quiet space, where you can enjoy the feeling of being outdoor in the indoor space.


▽光影洒落、树影摇曳 Shadows fall and trees sway

▽将原生建筑与庭院、周边环境紧密的融为一体 The original building is closely integrated with the courtyard and surrounding environment

▽开放的院落形态 Open courtyard form



In the breathing space, light infiltrates from different angles: The Yanho Kitchen and Bistro is filled with the aura of life when the light splashes in from the skylight onto the rough walls; the light becomes soft under the natural wood-colored grille so that every falling light and shadow become an artistic decoration in the space.


▽自然、舒适、简朴的用餐环境 Natural, comfortable and simple dining environment

▽光影成为空间里的艺术装饰 Light and shadow become the art decoration in the space

▽在自然木色的隔栅下光线变得柔和 The light is softened by the natural wood-coloured grilles

▽材质细部 Material detail


以方为窗,描绘万物 Taking the square as a window and depicting the growth of all things


Every window scene in the space is born for nature, never fixed, let alone reproduced. The architect naturally sets each window in the Yanho Kitchen and Bistro allowing the greenery and the vitality of a leaf to spread from the outdoors to the indoors, which is like a vivid natural painting. The daily life and fleeting moments in the Yanho Kitchen and Bistro are depicted softly: Budding of new treetops in springs, dull rainy days in summer afternoons, dead leaves falling all over the ground in autumns, and the sun, moon and stars looked up in winters.


▽复刻在墙上的光与斑驳树影 The light carved on the wall and the mottled shadows of the trees

▽立面与天窗确保了自然的光线可通达每个角落 The facade and skylights ensure that natural light reaches every corner

▽自然院落氛围感 Natural courtyard atmosphere

▽室外座位区 Outdoor seating area


▽仰视天窗 Overhead skylight

▽光影细部 Detail of shadow

▽装饰细部 Decorative detail


宁静温柔,自然画布 Tranquility and softness in natural canvas


The beige materials are used for a multi-layered architectural texture: rammed earth walls of mud texture, plaster walls of sand texture, and travertine bricks of rock texture. Different properties are all derived from natural special textures that add a bit fun to the space. Just like simple canvases, a natural beauty that surprises every day is created with nature by incorporating natural elements such as light and weather as time changes.


▽小院夜景 A night view of the courtyard


▽平面图 Plan

▽立面图 Elevation


合作方:ABC-STONE 、泰斯特 、万磊涂料

Project name: Yanhe Courtyard
Year completed: 2022
Project area: 120 square meters
Project location: Huizhou, Guangdong
Design company: Informal design
Company website: www.informaldesign.cn
Contact email: informaldesign@foxmail.com
Chief Designer: Wang Sheng
Design team: Zheng Jing, Shen Hongtao
Customer: Huizhou Yanhe Catering Service Co., LTD
Partners: ABC-STONE, Tester, Wanlei Coatings
Photographer: Zhang Chao



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