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Belt Collins: Yanshan Lake International Garden Resort is located in Fu Village, Yanyang Town, Meixian District, Meizhou City. It is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction. It is located in a forest park. It is rich in natural ecological resources and integrates mountains and lakes. A comprehensive tourist resort integrating reception, Hakka cuisine and other functions.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view



雁山湖国家花园度假区湖光山色迷人,四季花果飘香,充分展示其 “休闲度假、养生娱乐、绿色生态”的主题, 每年举办各类主题活动。设计师意在将雁鸣湖打造为粤东地区最具特色的现代生态休闲旅游胜地,在落手项目设计之前,根据对场地先天条件的分析,我们做出以下初判:

① 场地资源丰富,山形优美,高度适中,适合游览;
② 场地内虽然有大量水资源,但不流通,影响水质和观感;
③ 场地空间变化多样,从开阔到幽深,需顺应现状布置景点;
④ 现状树木色彩较单一,建议配置色叶树丰富山体季相变化。

Yanshan Lake National Garden Resort has charming lakes and mountains, fragrant flowers and fruits throughout the four seasons, fully demonstrating its theme of “leisure vacation, health care entertainment, green ecology”, and holds various themed activities every year. The designer intends to build Yanming Lake into the most distinctive modern eco-leisure tourism resort in eastern Guangdong. Before proceeding with the project design, we make the following preliminary judgments based on the analysis of the innate conditions of the site:

① The site is rich in resources, with beautiful mountain shape and moderate height, suitable for sightseeing;
② Although there is a large amount of water resources in the site, it is not circulated, which affects the water quality and appearance;
③ The space of the site is varied, from open to deep, and the scenic spots need to be arranged according to the current situation;
④ The current tree color is relatively simple, it is recommended to configure color-leaf trees to enrich the seasonal changes of the mountain.


▽场地资源条件 Site resource conditions

▽区位图 The location map


根据原场地条件,我们将总体规划方向确定为“突出绿色旅游和生态保健”,结合绿色生态环境和道家“天、地、人三和合”的养生理论, 以“山水园林路立体开发,农业与旅游配套建设”的思路开发,以生态休闲、养生保健为主题,强化生态和游乐两大特色, 按一年春、夏、秋、冬四季轮回的概念兴建“春晖园、夏晓园、秋实园、冬融园”等四大功能景区建设。

According to the original site conditions, we determined the overall planning direction as “highlighting green tourism and ecological health care”, combined with the green ecological environment and the Taoist theory of health preservation of “heaven, earth and human beings in harmony”, with “three-dimensional development of landscape garden roads, agricultural and The development of the idea of “tourism supporting construction” takes ecological leisure and health care as the theme, strengthens the two characteristics of ecology and amusement, and builds “Chunhui Garden, Xia Xiao Garden, Autumn Real Garden, Winter Garden” according to the concept of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The construction of four functional scenic spots such as the “Rongyuan”.


▽总平面图 The site-plan





The focus of the cultural tourism project is the combination of natural landscape and local culture. The design focuses on ecological restoration. By means of water purification, suitable trees, species restoration, etc., it will create a green space ecosystem and build an ecological template for the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

The natural revetment treatment method is adopted, and the intimacy between pedestrians and the water is increased by entering the water grass steps and stone stairs, while effectively blocking the sediment, protecting the water quality, and constructing a landscape self-purification system. At the same time, natural slope protection can make the water body form rich and diverse habitats such as swamps, rapids and shoals, provide a living environment for birds, amphibians and microorganisms, and ensure biological diversity.




The designer extracts the characteristics of English gardens that pursue nature and desire to be spotless, abandon exaggerated carvings in the selection of plants, retain the original site plants, and use the solitary trees to match the flower paths to show the English-style scenery for the test.


▽植物设计展现英式风光 The plant design reflects the British landscape



The park is built with native plants as the first, according to the principle of suitable trees for the site, select the tree species that match the specific site conditions, understand the complex ecological factors of plant growth, respect the natural forest appearance and the atmosphere of the sea of flowers, and create a plant adaptive ecosystem.


▽以乡土植物为主 Mainly native plants



In the process of modeling the mountain, adhering to the principle of not destroying the original shape of the mountain, the earth warehouse is overhead as a whole, interspersed between the trees, so that the landscape and the natural body blend with each other, forming a full ecological surround experience scene.



英式花海,赏四季景观 SEASON

一花一世界 迷失在精致的花海童话中

one flower one World, Lost in the delicate flower sea fairy tale


The main entrance space is grand and spectacular. The exotic features brought by the English-style gatehouse are the finishing touch. In front of the entrance is an open avenue of flowers and trees.


▽主入口鸟瞰 Aerial view of the main entrance



At the same time, enough space is reserved here to host small events, attracting people to the park and gathering popularity.


▽入口广场可作为活动场地 The entrance plaza can be used as a venue for activities



The design of plants in the park is the key link of atmosphere creation. The designer extracts the bright colors in Van Gogh’s oil paintings, and reflects the modern simplicity and the hierarchical relationship of lines according to the landscape style. Combined with the theme of the four seasons, the richness and ecology of different tree species are reflected, and the plants are highlighted. Seasonal performance.


▽梵高花园的生态性 The ecology of van Gogh Garden



Use colorful landscape sculptures to set off the garden atmosphere and satisfy the childlike innocence. In the space and axis nodes, the application of specially selected large trees and flowering tree species is highlighted to meet the changing seasons of flowering.


▽色彩斑斓的景观雕塑 Colorful landscape sculptures




Experience the earth warehouse as embedded in the mountain, hidden under the green field, and listed according to the trend of the hills. The exposed surface of the roof of the earth warehouse is covered with plants to form a green barrier. From a distance, it looks like a small beast lurking in the mountains and forests, and when you are in it, you will know the size of the world – like a fertile field, outside the floor-to-ceiling glass window is a sea of flowers, people in it, like a little bit, put life into it. Only in the natural place can we truly feel the true beauty originating from heaven and earth.


▽在不破坏山体的前提下建造度假屋 Build a vacation home without destroying the mountain



The observation deck is like a forest sea pier, and there are distant mountains, forest seas, clear lakes, and clouds as far as the eye can see. It is the picturesque scenery that I remember in my heart. When I leave in the future, I will read this beautiful scenery in the world. taste.


▽山腰上的眺望台 A lookout on the hillside



At night, it’s even more charming here. The warm lights are flickering, forming a piece of scarlet practice dotted on the mountains, illuminating the earth with the bright moon, and the people living in it are like cute little elves, bringing fresh vitality to the quiet mountains. It is also an excellent camping base. In the natural oxygen bar, you can see that the stars are all over the night, lighting up the sky.


▽夜色下的星光点点 The night was dotted with stars



We transform nature in order to let people get along better with nature, and also to convey the beauty of nature. Here, landscape, as a communication medium between man and nature, opens up a new world for both parties to integrate into each other, looking for a more matching point of convergence between the two.



慢活生活 聆听内心声音 LIFE

饮一杯清茶 读一段人生故事就是在这里徐徐展开

Slow life, listen to the inner voice LIFE
Drinking a cup of tea and reading a life story unfolds slowly here


▽夏季和冬季的湖区 Lake district in summer and winter



There is a natural rocky beach in front of you, the rocks are washed by the flowing water, and the spring water reminds the natural meaning to arrive as promised. Here, the design of the flowing water space can be freely retracted, and the impetuousness and hustle and bustle of the world are hidden between the opening and closing.


▽流水石滩 Water beach



The color of grass and trees is dyed red by autumn, open your heart, here is the habitation of the soul, and the return port of the soul. Arouse the most original expectations of life, and spend a wonderful holiday that is carefree, carefree, ignorant and fearless.




The Tea Art House is located beside Bicheng Lake, where the beautiful mountains and Bihu coexist, echoing the Zen meaning of “Meditation and Tranquility” in the tea ceremony. The designer chose concise landscape elements when setting the scene, and adopted the landscape technique of line drawing. Restore the purity of nature and relieve the plight of people trapped in the city.


▽茶艺馆 The Tea Art House



We hope that people’s life here can be slower and slower, without paying attention to the hustle and bustle and bustling, but looking for a quiet and peaceful state of mind. The so-called “Flowers and Zen, are relatively silent.” The joy of introspection in the heart should not be dissipated by itself, there is a subtlety of course.




项目地点:梅州市 梅县区

Project Name: Meizhou Yanshan Lake International Garden Resort
Project Location: Meixian District, Meizhou City
Developer: Meizhou Palm Huayin Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd.
Land price: 2860000m²
Landscape area: 220000m²
Landscape Design: Bell Gaolin International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Landscape design style: modern style
Project Photography: Shanghai fleeting steam photography




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