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Interesting Landscape: Art Does Not Transcend Nature, But It Makes Nature More Beautifying——Cervantes




All art comes from nature and then feeds back to life, which is the reason why today’s lifestyle is becoming more and more artistic. And art also incarnates the classic and the trend of the two camps, today we on the Zhong tian | Fei li Ya Jing project to talk about the meaning of the classic in life


▽意向图 reference picture


项目位置 Project location


Tianshan District, Urumqi, Xinjiang, This culturally diverse and naturally rich city adds unique charm to the project design,



01 古典时尚 追随经典给人以向上的精神 The classic urban neoclassical building entrance and semi-transparent landscape arcade create a semi-open vestibule space


The classic is classic because it needs to be looked up, from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, to the Renaissance, and then to the neoclassical, ARTDECO, all wind, they bring people the classical spirit is upward, holy and unsullies. This has also become the key point that people are willing to follow the classical, under the classical spirit, people’s souls can be washed, which is a more noble way of life. The semi-open vestibule space sets off the classical urban neoclassical architectural entrance and the semi-transparent landscape arcade, allowing people to obtain a high-level identity at the first time.




The landscape wall continues the curved design of the building and combines with the azure sky of Urumqi to form an atmospheric, pure and natural scene picture.



02 传承经典 在自然中体味古典的味道 The sunken courtyard is perfectly integrated with the building, creating a completely seamless visual effect.


Inheritance is an important part of the classics, and we inherit the classics and will inherit the classics. Metropolitan style has inherited the classical and integrated the present, walking in the courtyard to experience a more fashionable classical atmosphere. The vertical experience brought by the vertical structure leads people’s eyes to fill the blank, and in this spiritual space full of ritual sense, people can calm down and feel the beauty of life.




From the function of the building on the negative floor of the small classroom, gym and other content to the outdoor extension, forming both comfortable and durable and ritual sense of leisure courtyard landscape space.


▽实景图 reality map


03 社交活力让活力优雅起来 Socializing is dynamic. This kind of environment can make the energy elegant


The exclusive swimming pool is also a symbol of class, and the swimming pool area at the end of the demonstration area is the visual focus of the entire project and the highlight of the residents’ leisure life. The swimming pool is divided into shallow water area for children and deep water area for adults. Surrounded by platform umbrella seats and lounge chairs, you can enjoy holiday party time in the blend of water and light and bring the pleasure of micro vacation in the city.




The afternoon sun, through the pool lounge glass, the shadow of the trees dancing, enjoy the leisure holiday time.



04 质感格调 不经意间流露的高雅 With the texture of the same time is also full of style, in advertently revealed elegant


The noble and classic way of life cannot be separated from the details of seenwork. The exquisite material details are combined with the atmosphere of lighting and sculpture, presenting the elegant rather than extravagant taste of the new aristocrats in the city.




The texture is reflected in materials, and the style of every node landscape in the park is elevated to the level of art.



05 艺术加持 生活的最高境界 The blessing of the artistic atmosphere Life at its highest level.


Art is not illusory, but the highest realm of life. Here comes back to the topic of the trend of artistic lifestyle, today’s new rich no longer agree with the taste of the local rich class, and more tend to enter the style of art into life. The combination of artworks, lighting and water features positioning the fashionable and classical spirit of the community landscape is also the identity of the owners outside the financial resources.


▽实景图 reality map




Project name: Zhong tian · Fei li Ya Jing
Project location: Xinjiang Tianshan District project
Type: Residential
Entrusted unit: Xinjiang Tian can Real Estate Development Co., LTD
Design unit: Chengdu INCH Design
Completion date: August 2023
Photography team: Jingzhi Photography



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