Myk-d :位于教堂山市中心的140个西城市广场是一个更大的城市总体规划计划的第一个开发项目,旨在振兴这所大学城,拥有更大的行人风景。由混合使用的开发构成,在北罗斯玛利街和市中心的餐厅区之间建立商业联系,这个中心聚会空间提供了一个非常需要的公共论坛。雕塑的喷泉将水变成雾状状态。该设计代表了水的分散和蒸发,表达了环境的水文循环。雕塑的表面成为从液体到气体的水文变形时刻,当广场蒸发成空气时,冷却广场的环境温度。晚上,雕塑改变了广场的色彩和亮度,与公众进行了冷静的美化。通过这个项目,Mikyoung Kim Design开发了一个创新设计,表达了这个城市广场的水文循环。

Myk-d :Located in the heart of downtown Chapel Hill, the 140 West Urban Plaza is the first development project in a larger town masterplan initiative to invigorate this college town with greater pedestrian oriented landscapes. Framed by a mixed used development that creates a commercial link between north Rosemary Street and the downtown restaurant district, this central gathering space offers a much needed public forum for play. A sculptural fog fountain transforms water into a fog-like state. The design represents the dispersion and evaporation of water, expressing the hydrologic cycles of the environment. The surface of the sculpture becomes the transformative moment of hydrology from liquid to a gas, cooling the ambient temperature of the plaza as it evaporates into the air. At night, the sculpture transforms the plaza with color and luminosity, engaging the public with a cooling amenity. Through this project, Mikyoung Kim Design developed an inventive design that expresses the hydrological cycles within this urban plaza.


客户:Ram Realty

Project name: 140 West Plaza Exhale
Location: Chapel Hill, NC,USA
Client: Ram Realty