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Landworks Studio和Studios Architecture联合起来,敏锐地改造纽约第五大道200号的历史建筑。这座建筑位于麦迪逊广场公园第五大道对面,曾经是一家豪华酒店,后来从1950年开始担任国际玩具中心。

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Landworks Studio and Studios Architecture joined together to sensitively remodel the historic building at 200 5th Avenue in New York. Situated across 5th Avenue from Madison Square Park, the building once functioned as a grand hotel and later served as the International Toy Center starting in 1950.



该小组的建议创建了一个四层系列的办公空间,主要位于现有建筑的占地面积内。结果的梯田为Landworks Studio提供了创建一个优雅和功能性景观的机会,以便为特定活动的日常用户以及大型团体提供服务。

The team’s proposal creates a four-tiered series of office spaces located mainly within the footprint of the existing building. The terraces that result have offered Landworks Studio the opportunity to create an elegant and functional landscape to serve everyday users, as well as large groups during special events.


平面图  Master Plan



Three main landscape elements insert new program into the historic armature: a vegetated ground plane, folding tray, and light cloud. First, the ground plane is constructed of a stainless steel framework planted with a dense carpet of moss. Hovering six inches above, a pre-cast concrete tray contorts to form a continuous walking surface, planters, and benches. Stainless steel planters containing ferns slide into benches along the edges of the tray, and in-grade light strips and slide through the joints of the concrete tray. The light cloud extends out from the lobby in the lowest terrace and reemerges on the upper terrace to create a memorable landscape experience for evening events.




委托人: L+L Holding Company, LLC
项目管理: Gardiner & Theobald
建筑: Studios建筑
灯光: Johnson Light工作室
预制混凝土制作: Concreteworks工作室
摄影: Andrea Varutti, L+L Holding Company, LLC

Client: L&L Holding Company, LLC
Project Management: Gardiner & Theobald
Architect: Studios Architecture
Lighting: Johnson Light Studio
Precast Concrete Fabrication: Concreteworks Studio
Photography: Andrea Varutti, L+L Holding Company, LLC


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