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ANACAPA Architecture:项目坐落在内华达山脉之中,占地 35 英亩,包括一个 4000 平方英尺的会所,内设接待处、会议场所、室内/室外休息区和集市,以及定制的清风房车(Airstream trailers)、豪华帐篷、几间小木屋和一个宽敞的会所。


ANACAPA Architecture:Nestled on 35 acres in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, this hospitality venue includes a 4,000-square-foot clubhouse with reception, meeting space, indoor/outdoor lounge areas, and marketplace, as well as grounds containing customized Airstream trailers, luxury tents, and several cabins, and an expansive clubhouse.

The new resort reworks a former RV park to restore the surrounding landscape and heal the site as much as possible. At the heart of the campground is the two-story clubhouse which is built into a gently sloping site. The modern-style clubhouse is designed to embrace the natural surroundings and is adapted to the site’s topography, mimicking the site in materiality and scale, while taking design cues from mid-century accommodations. The design solution creates a bridge between the design languages of the natural and manmade.


© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt


会所简洁的矩形平面与周围的景观相得益彰,为度假村奠定了整体基调。饰面和家具采用精致的现代线条与粗加工材料相结合。Anacapa 公司的创始人兼负责人 Dan Weber 指出:“由当地松木、混凝土、钢材和玻璃组成的原始材料,通过纯粹的建筑形式和简洁、简约的细节设计表现出来。”篝火坑分布在会所周围,与自然环境的壮丽景色相结合,鼓励人们共同体验野营的精神和传统。

The clubhouse’s clean, rectilinear planes complement the surrounding landscape and set the overall tone for the retreat. Finishes and furnishing feature a mix of sophisticated contemporary lines with rough-hewn materials. “A primal material palette of regional pine, concrete, steel and glass is executed in pure architectural forms with clean, minimal detailing,” notes Dan Weber, founder and principal of Anacapa. Fire pits are situated throughout the clubhouse, showcasing striking views of the natural surroundings and encouraging a communal experience that honors the spirit and tradition of camping.


© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt



The clubhouse includes a scenic roof deck and an outdoor swimming pool. On the ground level, the building contains lounge areas, a communal table, and a “spa-inspired” bathroom with showers wrapped in artisanal tiles. There is also a small bar, as well as a shop where guests can purchase beverages, barbecue dinner kits, apparel and other merchandise. The upper level houses space for events, corporate meetings and other occasions. A glazed room opens onto a wraparound terrace overlooking a heated swimming pool and a natural pond. Throughout the clubhouse, the design provides expansive views and fosters “a communal experience that honors the spirit and tradition of camping.”


© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt


80 辆定制的清风房车的标配为一间卧室、一间带淋浴的浴室、一个小厨房和一个设有可转换沙发的起居区。这些房车色调柔和,简洁而朴素,帐篷和小木屋也具有类似的美感。单间的帆布帐篷配有床、沙发、储藏室和迷你冰箱;坡屋顶小木屋则可容纳五人,并配有全套的厨房用品、用餐区和前廊。露营地还设有吊床林和草坪,可以进行瑜伽等活动。客人还可以免费租借山地自行车,观看篝火晚会节目和参加当地自然学家的讲座。

The 80 Airstream custom-designed trailers feature a bedroom, a bathroom with a shower, a small kitchen and a living area with a convertible sofa. The trailers are defined by a restrained palette of materials and colors. The tents and cabins feature a similar aesthetic. The single-room canvas tents are outfitted with bed, sofa, storage and mini fridge. The gabled-roof wooden cabins offer sleeping accommodations for five, along with a full kitchen, dining area, and front porch. The campground also has a hammock grove and a lawn for activities such as yoga. Guests can also enjoy complimentary mountain bike rentals, campfire programs and talks with local naturalists.


© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt
© Erin Feinblatt





地点:加利福尼亚州 约塞米蒂
设计公司:ANACAPA Architecture
社交媒体 – Instagram:@anacapa_architecture @geremia_design @autocamp @erinfeinblatt (摄影)
设计团队:建筑师 Dan Weber;项目经理 Jessi Finnicum Schwartz、Geoff April;设计师 Jose Sanchez、Saba Zahedi

项目团队-建筑设计:ANACAPA Architecture
现场设计与规划:ANACAPA Architecture
室内设计:Geremia Design
结构工程:Ashley & Vance Engineering
土木工程:RRM Design Group
电气工程:JMPE Electrical Engineering

摄影:Erin Feinblatt
资料分享:Kate Murphy

Project Name: Autocamp Yosemite
Location: Yosemite, California
Design Firm: ANACAPA Architecture
Website: https://www.anacapaarchitecture.com/
Instagram: @anacapa_architecture @geremia_design @autocamp @erinfeinblatt (photos)
Design team: Dan Weber, Architect; Jessi Finnicum Schwartz, Project Manager; Geoff April, Project Manager; Jose Sanchez, Designer; Saba Zahedi, Designer

Project team – Architecture: ANACAPA Architecture
Site Design and Programming: ANACAPA Architecture
Interior Design: Geremia Design
General Contractor: Quiring
Structural Engineer: Ashley & Vance Engineering
Civil Engineer: RRM Design Group
Electrical Engineering: JMPE Electrical Engineering

Photography: Erin Feinblatt
Sharer: Kate Murphy



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