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Landpoint Design:Design does not create beauty; beauty comes from choice, affinity, fusion and love. ——Louis Isadore Kahn


▽项目视频 Video


▽放松的艺术-轻嬉戏·艺术场 Art of relaxation LIGHT. ART


项目概况 Project overview

/作为系列地块引擎的示范区,上演生活情景的“剧场” As a demonstration area for the engine of a series of plots, a “theater” of life scenes




The demonstration area is the “gravity center” of the 6 residential plots of the BEAUTY BLOCK&LIFE Project. We have abandoned the “pure art museum” that designers prefer, and turned to create an “art theater” that presents life scenes.

Located in Songzhuang, Beijing, the BEAUTY BLOCK&LIFE Project is a comprehensive living block composed of a commercial mall, six residential areas and a system of roads and squares connecting them. The demonstration area is located on the west side of the entire block, occupying part of the commercial area. At the beginning of the design, we were faced with the most important question – the choice of style, and this question was finally replaced by: what attitude should we guide people to face the new life in the post-epidemic era? After several rounds of attempts, we have reached a consensus with Party A.

We gave up the idea of building a boutique art museum, because there are countless internet-famous art spaces in Songzhuang, and under the influence of epidemic, a safe and comfortable “home” is the place that provides people with real “spiritual support”. Therefore, we finally chose the direction of organically combining the vitality of urban blocks with the sense of value of private life, creating an “integrated” “theater of life scenes” and positioning the demonstration area as the “starting engine” of the entire block, showing the tonality of the neighborhood.


▽项目区位 The project location


设计思路演绎 Interpretation of design ideas

/苛刻的条件下,蒙太奇式的“场景设计” Montage-style “scene design” under harsh conditions



No structures can be built in a large front field? The available sites are all on the north side and in the shade of tall buildings? ——”Montage”, a theory about film inspires site design

For the sake of cost saving, Party A requires that the design of “structures” and the planting of large areas of trees are basically not carried out within the scope of the temporary leased land (the orange part shown in the image above), and the scope of designable structures only includes the yellow part (located on the north side of the building, mostly shaded) and the pink part (completely in the shadow of the building) in the image above.


▽设计分析 Design analysis

▽场地现状 Site situation




Based on the above design premise, we analyzed the interventional conditions of the site and found that the site of the entire demonstration area is trivial and fractured, and the large area of the front field area cannot meet the “etiquette sequence” of the traditional demonstration area due to the inability to build structures. The area with a higher degree of intervention is smaller, and the overlap with the building is high, making it difficult for cross construction.

The most difficult thing is to simultaneously create two different atmospheres in the same site: “vibrant public space in the neighborhood” and “private residential space with a sense of value”. At this time, the cutting method of “montage” gave us inspiration – when different shots are spliced together, they often produce specific meanings that each shot does not have when it exists alone. If the site does not have the conditions to be defined by “clear boundaries (doors, walls)”, then instead of blindly emphasizing the different attributes of the space, “weave” spaces with different atmospheres to provide the same place with more “possibilities” – with an “internally and externally integrated” scene (such as a sparse forest and grassland that can symbolize both the central landscape of the community and the central park of the block, so that it has both the exquisite quality of the community and the active properties of the block), the future blocks and community life scenes are “edited into lens in parallel”.


▽可介入条件分析图 Interventional conditional analysis plots

▽场地空间布局Venue space layout


场景序列的设计 The design of the scene sequence

/上演五幕“情景剧”,360度全景复合型艺术场 A 360-degree panorama complex art field with five acts of “role play”



We have abandoned the old venues of “clear boundary and single function”, but “edited” more potentials and possibilities into each scene through the method of “blurring boundaries and aggregating functions” to look forward to more interesting stories.

When you come to this Project, perhaps the most impressive thing is the pink giant swing – we hope to cut together the life fragments of playing in nature, reading in the living room, and gathering in the block theater through this “Mobius Ring” to form an “aggregation field”, so that the lawn is not only used for viewing while the pergola is not only used for rest, and they organically form a complex living place because they are “woven” – its function should be in the process of being “discovered” continuously, rather than being planned from the beginning. In this way it will release an endless stream of energy, joy and vitality.


▽复合型艺术场 Complex Art Venue



We have planned the script for the five-act mini “role play” to be performed at the “neighborhood living theater”.——And the actors are the ordinary and extraordinary you and me in life.



第一幕丨城市界面与礼宾入口 Act One丨 City Interface and Concierge Entrance


Passing through the extremely thin entrance gate, a low retaining wall is simply shielded to prevent customers who drive in from seeing it at a glance. At the same time, the outline of a pink swing can be looming between the treetops, increasing customers’ expectations.


▽入口空间 Entrance space

▽极致轻盈丨大门建筑 Extreme lightness丨Gate building


第二幕丨街区公园·生活剧场 Act Two 丨 Neighborhood Park ・Living Theater


The living theater centered on the lawn is the least intervened area in the demonstration area. We just folded the lawn slightly and added a “big pink glue strip” to glue the lawn and the grandstand next to it. But it has the most active attributes here. The “Mobius Ring” is not only a swing, but also a sculpture, and it is also a gentle slope that can be climbed. We will see the sales lady taking selfies and punching in RED, we will see several children sitting around the pink ring to play games, and we will also see adults holding pets to drill around. When visiting the Project, an artist even hoped to use this “pink bubblegum roll” to do a graffiti… The original intention of “montage” has been achieved, and the figures of several participants are combined into the spiritual attributes of this gathering place – “art, nature and life” are organically combined.


▽生活剧场效果图 A rendering of Life Theater

▽生活剧场的“莫比乌斯环””Mobius Ring” in the Theatre of Life


第三幕丨城市客厅与氤氲雾墙 Act Three丨The city living room with the fog wall


The public space and the private field are switched here. The city living room symbolizes the intersection of the future living community and the public block – the gate entrance of the community, but we not only define it as the entrance, but a landscape architecture that grows in the block with its own pocket garden; we designed a “dense glass ribbon” interspersed between the front and back of the demonstration area, and the dot-shaped glazed glass curtain wall vaguely reflects the tranquility of the water and forest, which vaguely separates the public landscape and private life. The ring-shaped seats embedded in the white grandstand refute this “separation” – the outer side faces the lawn and the inner side faces the water garden, reflecting the vision of the integration of the block and the community.


▽城市会客厅效果图 Renderings of the city reception room

▽城市会客厅 City meeting room



The transparent curtain wall is like a wide screen, with the inside and outside not interfering with each other and forming a picture together. Under the sunset, the silhouettes of people playing in the stands add a touch of warmth to the quiet inner courtyard. “Bounded” and “unbounded”, just like a peaceful life, there are always surprises.



▽自然的光影永远是灵感的缪斯 Natural light and shadow are always the muse of inspiration



The light and shadow pass through the branches and are projected on the wall or the ground. Although it is already on the north side of the building, the “drama” created by the “spotlight”-like stage lighting of the curved skylight eliminates the pressure of the building and the poor lighting conditions.


▽公园街区消弭了城市与自然的界限 A park block that erases the boundary between city and nature

▽恰到好处的细节带来优雅放松的美 Just the right details for an elegant and relaxing beauty


第四幕丨静谧水林间 Act Four 丨 Quiet Water Forest

穿过水畔的檐廊,便从充满活力的街区进入了静谧的内庭花园,由于此处位于建筑北侧,虽是具有不小劣势的位置但又是我们有且仅有可以“造景”的区块,在设计中通过水面的反光,抵消建筑的阴影,同时,阵列排布的银红槭林漂浮在静水面上,可以想象随着季节的变化,树叶由绿转红,将场景的颜色经由水面的倒影浸染整个庭院,获得更丰富的体验。当穿行在水林之中,视线的西侧 “氤氲雾墙”如同轻薄的纱幕影印前场的场景,透过玻璃幕墙看着粉色秋千荡漾,使静谧的场景又增添生动。

Passing through the eaves gallery by the water, we enter the quiet inner courtyard garden from the vibrant block. Since it is located on the north side of the building, it is a disadvantageous location, but it is the only block we have that can be “landscaped”. In the design, the shadow of the building is offset by the reflection of the water surface. At the same time, the silver-red maple forest arranged in an array floats on the still water surface. It is conceivable that with the change of seasons, the leaves turn from green to red, and the color of the scene is dipped into the entire courtyard through the reflection on the water surface for a richer experience. When walking through the water forest, the “fog wall” on the west side of the line of sight is like a light gauze photocopying the scene in the front field. Through the glass curtain wall, you can watch the pink swing rippling, making the quiet scene more vivid.


▽内庭花园效果图 Renderings of the inner garden

▽水林间内庭花园 Inner courtyard garden between water forest

▽舒适的夜景氛围 Comfortable night view atmosphere


视线的西侧 “氤氲雾墙”如同轻薄的纱幕影印前场的场景,透过玻璃幕墙看着粉色秋千荡漾,使静谧的场景又增添生动。

On the west side of the line of sight, the “fog wall” is like a light gauze photocopying the scene in the front field. Through the glass curtain wall, you can watch the pink swing rippling, making the quiet scene more vivid.



第五幕丨水中卡座与长窗 Act Five 丨Quat holder with long window


The building of the Project has reserved an overhead area. Next to the elevator, we have designed a booth box in the water, and reserved a long window just at the height of people’s vision. When people sit in the water booth and chat, they can vaguely see the lawn in the front field through the strip window, and they can look back at the entire water garden.


▽下沉卡座效果图 Rendering of sinking booth

▽回看整个庭院 Looking back at the whole garden

▽透过长窗看向前场的草地 Looking through the long window to the lawn in the front field





Project location: Tongzhou District, Beijing
Project type: Residential
Landscape area: Demonstration area 6514㎡
Completion time: 2022
Owner: Gemdale Group Beijing Branch in North China
Owner management: Fan Chengdong, Liu Chenggui, Chen Shuhua, Xu Tongda, Liang Ye, Chen Jian, Zhao Jianan, etc.
Landscape design: Beijing Landpoint Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape team: Li Jianhong, Li Huawen, Zhang Wenqiang, Hou Zifa, etc.
Architectural design: SHUISHI
Landscape photography: ZOOM Yang Lei




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