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USAD:Zhongjian Chenlu is located in Shunyi District, Beijing, where has a large number of low-density community products, surrounding by rich nature sources. This project is the first top project of China Construction First Building (Group) Real Estate Development Company in Beijing. The site is a square shape, with a better interface to the south, the planned roads on the east and west sides, and a construction site on the north.


▼项目视频 Video



At the initial stage of the design, USAD designer suggested to modify the position of main entrance, parking and main building, even to mirror the building to obtain the best spatial experience effect. Thanks for the support of the Party A, so that our proposal can be realized.


▼设计草图 Design draft

▼设计分析推导图 Analysis process



“Villa Wangchuan is located in the Wangchuan Valley, Shanxi Province,which is a natural valley with the beauty of mountains, forests and lakes. It is a private estate with places of interest and various pavilions rebuilt by Wang Wei on the basis of Song Zhiwen’s Villa. Wang Wei gave names to every scenery Inspired by natural items in his garden, to expresses the beauty of mountains and waters in this valley. Villa Wangchuan is not only rich in natural interest, but also poetic and picturesque.”


▼整体鸟瞰图 Bird view

▼整体鸟瞰夜景  Night Bird  view



The demonstration area draws lessons from Wang Wei’s Villa Wangchuan.  It implies a way of life style that has both the prosperity of the city and the quietness of nature at the same time.




The south side is the only display interface of the project, and designer hopes to create an impressive scroll screen. Different from the high-end Chinese style estate projects that are common in Beijing, with the majesty of deep-wall compound and the magnificence of the wall. The design hopes to start from the feeling of space and give customers a brand new experience of Chinese Zen and rustic luxury.




The landscape design continues to use the sloping roof element of architecture language, choosing Earth Art as a design method to simulate and interpret nature landscape, creating the site rich changes in elevation, to create a natural picture of undulating and lush green mountains.


▼群山叠翠的长卷展示面 Impressive long-scroll interface of undulating and lush green mountains



The design hopes to give customers a feeling of being in a resort hotel. In the future, the residential area will also continue the concept of resort living. Therefore, the entrance is designed with a hotel-style drop-off area, and is equipped with a butler-style parking service.


▼荣归,酒店式落客区体验 Hotel-style drop-off experience

▼两侧的油松成林,高低错落,撑起展示界面的天际线,也确保了冬季界面的绿量 The Chinese pines on both sides are scattered high and low, making the skyline of the display interface, which also ensure the green capacity of the interface in winter

▼九棵银杏树阵的落客中岛,一种秩序中的自然之美 The nine ginkgo trees and the hotel-style drop-off platform create a natural beauty in an order at the entrance

▼作为top系项目,应该礼遇车行,落客区被精心设计 As a high-end project, driving experience should be treated courteously, and the drop-off area is well-designed

▼顶灯的设计呼应屋脊的檀条,具有一定的视觉冲击力,空间呈现出严谨的秩序之美。支撑柱四面外包菠萝格防腐木形,通过十字形分割减弱粗壮的体积感,悬挑一定高度内藏灯光,体现精致细节  The design of the ceiling light continues the strong sense of sequence, forming a visual impact. The support column is wrapped with wood on all sides, but its thick volume is weakened by segmentation, and the lights can be hiden in the overhanging wood structure

▼设计细节  Plan the details



Another highlight is the hidden parking lot. The parking lot will occupy a quarter of the demonstration area. The design hide the parking lot under the terrace grass slope. The VIP parking lot can accommodate 20 vehicles, allowing customers to experience the quality of the future hardcover basement in residential area in advance.


▼景墙和门楼的交接关系 The connection relationship between the wall and the gate

▼停车场入口和自然毛石墙体细节,粗犷的毛石和精致的云纹雕花形成对比 Details of the entrance, natural rough stone walls dotted with red cloud patterns



The reception desk is set up at the entrance gate to provide customers with services at the first time. The sculpture creates a feeling of Zen. The characteristic grilles defines the interior and exterior space, as if covered with a layer of gauze, making the interior space more mysterious, and also providing the changes of light and shadow.


▼序列的菠萝格格栅  Sequence of Intsia.spp grilles



The resort hotel generally chooses to locate besides high-quality natural resources, but the current site base is a wasteland, surrounded by constructions. Designer hopes to create high-quality environment by Earth Art to shield the unfavorable sight lines.


▼静谧的夜景  Quiet night scene



There is no deliberate imitation of traditional gardens, no gorgeous decorations, and no Chinese-style walls. Designer Choose Earth Art as a design method to define the space and create nature landscape. The enclosed space gathers the power of feng shui and reflects the beauty of leisure and rustic luxury.




Walking along the plank road in the water, Xunshan and Leshui are on both sides, representing the most beautiful landscapes in nature. The hillside on the left is raised 8 meters, representing the green hills in nature, with the color changes in the four seasons. The stacked water on the right represents the river in nature, with magnificent and endless waves. The main building of the demonstration area is just between the mountains and rivers, surrounding by nature, quiet and luxurious.


▼格栅界定了草坡的边界 The grilles defines the boundary of the grass slope

▼寻山的种植形式主要以观赏草为主,体现野奢之美 The planting form of Xunshan is mainly ornamental grass, reflecting the beauty of rustic luxury

▼草坡卡座运用印尼菠萝格防腐木,形如自然界中的绿叶,三组叶状卡座形成一组序列,提供了不同高度的景观视野 The three sets of seat platforms in Xunshan are similar in shape to leaves, made of Intsia.spp, providing different heights point of viewing

▼仿佛置身度假酒店般的空间感受 Feeling like being in a resort hotel

▼寻山视角回望,长远的景深 Looking back from Xunshan, long-term depth of field




Rather than simply copying nature world, designer embodies the magnificent picture scroll of nature by art, hoping to create a natural experience, leading people to feel the fusion between body and nature, and to create emotional resonance in the space.

Birds with soaring Song, forest gleaming breathing to the wind, breeze gently blowing through the gurgling water. The ecosystem of Xunshan and Leshui attracts birds to build their nests, butterflies and bees flying, encouraging people taking a deep breath in the landscape, leisurely experiencing a mood.


▼内庭养了两只气定神闲的大鹅,给空间增添了很多灵气 Two geese bring vitality to the space

▼下沉式卡座 The sunk seat

▼标识和花池的结合 The combination of logo and tree pond

▼铺地的细节处理,植物渐渐渗透到硬质铺装,模糊园路的边界 The details of the paving, the plants gradually infiltrate the hard paving, blurring the boundary of the garden road


▼景观平面图 Master plan

▼团队小伙伴自己动手制作手工模型 Model making





Project Name: Beijing Zhongjian·Chenlu Experience Zone
Year of completion: 2021.06
Project area: 9000 square meters
Project location: Shunyi, Beijing
Landscape design:USAD
Company website: www.usad24.com
Contact email: usad24@126.com
Design team: Lin Nan, Dai Ling, Qiu Manyuan, Li Yang, Gao Jingqi, Gan Jiaxiang, Lai Lanyan, Kou Shiying, Lu Yang
Developer: Zhongjian Zhidi
Architectural design: Shanghai Huizhangsi Architectural Design Office
Sales office and stacked model houses: GBD Du Wenbiao Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Bungalow hardcover design: HWCD
Photographer: Nancy space photography



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