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MAT Office: This spatial installation is an artwork by MAT Office delivered to the 2019 UABB(Shenzhen) XICHONG SUB-VENUE; and the exhibiting topic is “post-collective era”. The artwork was conceived in 30 days, 7 days installed on-site and will lasts 90 days for the biennale.


▼篝火场地俯视 Overlooking the “Bonfire” Site

▼篝火游乐园 Bonfire fairyland 



The work “Bonfire” is located in a vacant BBQ site in Xichong Resort, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen City. The site is surrounded by lush trees, and with the sea and a beautiful beach at the south. This BBQ site is consisted with dozens of round/square units, the characteristic of its homogenize, repetition, anonymous and integration, could perfectly represent the “collective” approach of the planned economy era in China. Nevertheless, the consumption behavior of concentrated BBQ, which is a large-scale reproduction, is also a kind of subconscious continuation of the collective behavior and an inexplicable echo of the ideal world under the cultural crisis formed by the fast and restless consumer society.


▼篝火与海滩 Bonfire and beach

▼白天从树林中看“篝火” From the woods view (daylight)

▼面朝大海的方向 Facing the sea



In today’s social network, the relationship between individual and collective is now reshaping people’s cognitive of public space, the anonymous “individual” is constantly facing the possibility of alienation, while the idea of “collective” has been redefined with those transitions. The idea of the work “Bonfire” is trying to break the original barracks layout of the BBQ site, and turning to a freestyle connection and reorganization, so as to create an instant “collective” space by the on-site installation.


▼活力乐园 Vibrant playground 

▼起伏的篝火 The “Bonfire” up-and-down 



The work “Bonfire” actually announced the birth of this new “collective” .In the woods by the seaside, we built a continuous spatial installation based on the original stove layout on the BBQ site, the image of bonfire above the stove seems as one of the earliest symbols of “collective” in human society; it can be the proof of “ presence” for the past collective, and is also able to be conceived as the spatial projection of the instant “collective” at the moment.


▼瞬时公共空间 The public space



The work “Bonfire” creates an interesting public space with the continuous frame by yellow scaffolding and colorful spray on the ground; it converts the derelict and boring BBQ venue into a vibrant playground. The elastic material keeps vibrating under the influence of the sea breeze, as if to declare the passage of time and the presence of collective. When night fell, the cluster of yellow fires in the woods under dusk seemed to convey the story of circle of human activity.


▼傍晚从树林中看“篝火” From the woods view (nightfall)

▼连接和覆盖 Connection and coverage


▼建造过程 Construction

▼平面分析 Diagram plan

▼分解轴测图 Exploded axon

▼正轴测图 Front axon


▼总平面图 Master plan

▼立面 Elevation

▼结构细节与初始概念模型 Model detail and Conceptual model




设计公司:MAT 超级建筑事务所
联系邮箱:theMATOffice@163.com, theMATOffice@gmail.com
摄影师:唐康硕(MAT Office)

Project Name: Bonfire
Completion: 2019
Area: 600㎡
Project Location: Xichong Resort, Dapeng New District, Shenzhen
Design Company: MAT Office
Company Website: www.matoffice.com
Contact Email: theMATOffice@163.com, theMATOffice@gmail.com
Chief Designer: Tang Kangshuo, Zhang Miao
Design Team: Tang Kangshuo, Zhang Miao, Liu Youpeng, Wu Mingyu, Tan Xiaodan
Exhibition Director: Shenzhen Dapeng New Area Management Committee
Organized by: Shenzhen Xichong Resort (Shenzhen Workers’ Hospital)
Co-organizers: Shenzhen Yuhe Investment Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Yuhe Xichong Community Development Foundation
Curator: Han Jing, Handshake 302
Photographer: Tang Kangshuo (MAT Office)


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