ASPECT Studios工作室受Whitehorse市委托,在Box Hill Gardens历史悠久且受人喜爱的花园内创造出一系列娱乐活动和活动的创新空间。这个空间的一个关键特征是前网球场俱乐部建筑的回收利用。 俱乐部的一部分已经被保留并重新用作俯瞰游乐场的座位平台。 一个新的厕所位于篮板墙的后面,为所有公园用户提供舒适设施。

ASPECT Studios was commissioned by the City of Whitehorse to create an innovative space with a diverse array of recreation activities and events within the historic and well-loved gardens of Box Hill Gardens.A key feature of the space is the recycling of the former tennis court club building. Part of the clubhouse has been retained and reused as seating platforms overlooking the playing surfaces. A new toilet block sits behind the rebound-wall providing amenity to all park users.




The site functions as both community space and courts for multiple sport and recreation activities. A dynamic and engaging super graphic defines the play areas and creates an iconic and playful destination for the growing community.A 1km long path for walking and running will be added to the space in the near future. The path will circumnavigate the gardens, with the start and finish lines dovetailing into the Multi-purpose area.



地点:Box Hill Gardens,墨尔本,维多利亚,澳大利亚
团队:ASPECT工作室(首席顾问),NMBW建筑,GTA顾问,表格结构,Martin Butcher照明设计
摄影:Andrew Lloyd

LOCATION:Box Hill Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
CLIENT:Whitehorse City Council
SCOPE:Concept Design, Design Development, Tender Documentation, Construction
TEAM:ASPECT Studios (lead consultant), NMBW Architecture, GTA Consultants, Form Structures, Martin Butcher Lighting Design


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