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Claude Cormier + associes:原有的防波堤公园就已经拥有优越的公园条件——成熟高大的树木、岬角和海湾之间有极具吸引力的空间序列、一个美妙的公共艺术作品、靠近市中心和皇后大学的行人,以及安大略湖地平线畅通的远景。尽管拥有这些强大的元素,公园在经过多年的使用后,仍然需要重新恢复活力。公园的基础设施,如道路、家具和海岸线通道,需要提升以优化公园的功能和体验。经过三部分的更新改造,防波堤公园恢复了安大略湖和安大略金斯敦社区之间的联系,并于2018年7月重新开放。

Claude Cormier + associes:Breakwater Park is an existing park that was already endowed with outstanding park assets – mature trees, an attractive sequence of spaces between headlands and bays, a wonderful work of public art, pedestrian proximity to downtown and Queens University, and unobstructed long vistas to the Lake Ontario horizon. Despite these strong elements, the park was in need of revitalization after years of public use. Park infrastructure such as pathways, furniture, and shoreline access needed a boost to optimize the function and phenomenal experience of the park. Breakwater Park re-opened in July 2018, after a three-part revitalization, renewing the connection between Lake Ontario and the community of Kingston, Ontario.


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Part One of the project comprised an upgrade of the existing Breakwater Park, to improve connectivity, add trees, ameliorate a half-kilometre long allée of century-old maples, widen pathways, install new furniture and lighting, as well as construct seating platforms next to the lake.


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Part Two required a restoration of pebble beaches and erosion protection revetments along the park’s undulating shore. Originally built on lake-fill extending from a historic breakwater wall, Breakwater Park faces a long fetch off Lake Ontario, vulnerable to some of the windiest wave and shoreline conditions in the country.


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第三部分是在设计第一部分和第二部分时偶然出现的。一些大胆的居民经常在防波堤公园界限外的废弃码头上自发的游泳、晒太阳和放风筝,这一现象暗示着一些不可抗拒的可能性。这座城市的水处理厂拥有这块场地和码头主导权,他们同意对公园进行改造,最终,这里成为了加拿大的第一个深水城市游泳码头。这座码头被亲切地以悲剧英雄兼大湖运动倡导者戈尔德唐尼(Gord Downie)的名字命名。

Part Three arose serendipitously while working on Parts One and Two. An observation of spontaneous swimming, sunning, and kite boarding by daring residents at the derelict pier just beyond the Breakwater Park limit hinted to some irresistible possibilities. The city’s Water Treatment Plant, which controlled the site and dock, agreed to a park transformation that would ultimately become the first deep water urban swimming pier in Canada, affectionately renamed after hometown Tragically Hip hero and Great Lakes advocate, Gord Downie.


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更新后的防波堤公园和Gord Edgar Downie码头在金斯顿引发了城市的顿悟,重新唤醒了人们与水之间的深刻联系。公园大受欢迎的结果表明,它有希望与该地区最著名的特色进行一次神奇的邂逅。

The revitalized Breakwater Park and Gord Edgar Downie Pier have sparked a eureka moment in Kingston, reawakening a profound link with the water. The park’s phenomenal popularity attests to its promise for a magical encounter with the region’s most distinguished feature.


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景观设计:Claude Cormier + associes
首席设计师:Claude Cormier et associes
摄影:Industryous Photography

Project Name: Breakwater Park
Design year and completion year: 2012-2018
Project location: Kingston, Ontario
Landscape Area: 33100 m2
Clients: City of Kingston
Landscape design:  Claude Cormier + associés
Lead designer: Claude Cormier et associés
Design team: Coldwater Consulating (Shoreline Engineering); WSP Canada Inc (Engineering and Construction Administration); Harbourside Engineering Consultants (Seawall Engineering)
Partners: NA
Brands used in the project: Equiparc (Furniture)
Photo credits: Industryous Photography


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