LaGuardia Design Group:作为一个曾经的托儿所所在地,Butter Lane住宅不可否认地与它的历史背景相关联;无论是视觉上还是物理上。这座住宅坐落在旧苗圃的废墟之上;提供了20年前种植的现已成熟的树木的惊人景观。从这种连接中汲取灵感,在轴线上设计了一个定制的rim流池,带有苗圃排,将视野延伸到借来的景观之外。一个定制的ipe凉亭坐落在泳池平台上方的石头底座上,为用餐和社交提供空间。整个庄园创造了各种各样的花园,主要依靠苗圃内的植物材料。吉野樱桃、金顶山毛榉和伦敦梧桐的欧莱丝被用来定义户外空间。俄罗斯鼠尾草、喷泉草和绣球花的开花边缘将一切与季节性色彩展示结合在一起。

LaGuardia Design Group:The site of a former nursery, the Butter Lane Residence is undeniably linked to its historical context; both visually and physically. The residence is perched high above remnants of the former nursery; afforded breathtaking views of the now mature trees that were planted 20 years ago. Taking inspiration from this connection, a custom rim flow pool was designed on axis with the nursery rows, extending views to the borrowed landscape beyond. A custom ipe arbor sits on a stone plinth above the pool terrace, providing spaces for dining and socializing. A variety of gardens were created throughout the property, relying heavily on plant material found within the nursery. Allèes of Yoshino Cherry, Fastigiate Beech and London Plane Tree were used to define outdoor spaces, while also serving as reference to the properties history. Flowering borders of Russian Sage, Fountain Grass and Hydrangeas tie everything together with seasonal displays of color.




Special Factors
The project site is tied to a 10-acre remnant of a former working nursery. Wanting to reduce the environmental impact of sourcing plant material from remote locations, we chose to utilize the existing nursery stock to execute the proposed project design. By transplanting material from the nursery, we were able to create a connection between the former use of the site and its current state as a residence.


地点: 纽约布里奇汉普顿
照片: Anthony Crisafulli
奖项: NYASLA住宅设计成就奖
项目组: Chris LaGuardia, Ian Hanbach

Location:Bridgehampton, NY
Photos:Anthony Crisafulli
Awards:NYASLA Award of Merit in Residential Design
Project Team:Chris LaGuardia, Ian Hanbach

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