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Alessandro Bulletti:Casa AR位于阿西西历史中心的上方,看起来像是镶嵌在其他建筑结构中,建筑朝南与城市的一条主要街道平行,俯瞰着城镇地势较低处和山谷。南面是该建筑唯一的入口处,北面则是体现了场地高差的台地式花园。古老的石头砌成的挡土墙划定了花园的边界,花园主要的阶地在房屋入口上方八米多高度的位置。该房屋建筑已经处于深度老朽的状态,还受到一些低劣的干预措施的严重损害,更有几个房间采光不足。

Alessandro Bulletti: The house is located in the upper part of the historic center of Assisi. It appears embedded in the building fabric, which stretches parallel to one of the main streets of the city and opens up towards the south, overlooking the lower part of town and the valley below. On the southern front, there is the sole entrance to the property, while at the back of the building towards the north, there is the garden organized on terraces, that model the strong sloping characteristic of the area. Ancient stone retaining walls define the limits of the garden, whose main terracing is located at a height of more than eight meters above the entrance to the house. The building had been in a deep state of decay and was strongly compromised by many interventions of poor quality. It had several rooms were insufficiently lit.


© Marco Cappelletti
© Marco Cappelletti



The project provided an opportunity to reconfigure both the internal spaces, distributed on four levels, and external ones and to create a new rapport between the house and the garden, which had previously been absent. From the entrance hall, a new pathway illuminated by natural light, effortlessly disguises the existing height differences and offers views of singular beauty, creating a totally new experience. Natural light, modulated differently, greatly enriches the quality of all the spaces and penetrates deep into the rooms located on the ground floor.


▼庭院空间 The garden space

© Marco Cappelletti
© Alessandro Bulletti


▼低地势房间 The lower room

© Marco Cappelletti



The heart of the house is represented by a space that, extending both vertically and in depth, unites the first and second levels. A space that leads the eye towards the garden and offers a view of the entire structure, connecting elements of urban landscape and the valley floor to those of the terraced garden on the slope to which the house is strongly anchored. In this space, many daily activities take place on different levels: on the first floor, the dining area with adjacent kitchen; on the second floor, a study and a living room that overlooks a new courtyard to the north, created by lowering a portion of the garden.


▼房屋内部 House interior 

© Marco Cappelletti



The new courtyard looks like an open-air room, characterized by both old and new elements, and conjoins the two orthogonal axes: the north-south axis that crosses the house, and the east-west axis that structures the garden.


▼新庭院 New court

© Marco Cappelletti
© Marco Cappelletti



The open space extends towards the west in a series of steps in lawn defined by stone curbs that emphasize the existing geometry, connecting the lower level of the new courtyard to the main terracing that eSxtends longitudinally for roughly half of the surface of the garden. The difference in levels between the two parts has also been resolved by a stone staircase that has been grafted into the path at the foot of the wall, which gives rapid and easy access from the house to a smaller building located at the north-west end of the property.


▼阶梯式草坪 Stepped lawn

© Marco Cappelletti
© Alessandro Bulletti
© Marco Cappelletti



This narrow and elongated-shaped annex, positioned to support the terrain, represents an important extension of the house and is in direct contact with the garden.


附属建筑 Guest house

© Marco Cappelletti
© Marco Cappelletti



Through a few but essential interventions, the renovation of the small building has strengthened the relationship with the surroundings and defined new spaces for out-door life, in harmony with the character of the place and its peculiar beauty.


© Marco Cappelletti
© Marco Cappelletti


▼花园平面图 Garden plan



项目名称:Casa AR
景观/建筑事务所:Alessandro Bulletti
主创:Alessandro Bulletti
设计团队:Maria Giovanna Bignami、Alessandro Bulletti、Andrea Romagnoli
合作者:Marco Calderini
摄影: Marco Cappelletti、Alessandro Bulletti
摄影师网站: www.marcocappelletti.com

Project name: Casa AR
Completion Year: 2020
Size: interior space 450sqm, exterior space 770 sqm
Project location: Assisi, Italy
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Alessandro Bulletti
Website: www.alessandrobulletti.it
Contact e-mail: info@alessandrobulletti.it
Lead Architects: Alessandro Bulletti
Design Team: Maria Giovanna Bignami, Alessandro Bulletti, Andrea Romagnoli
Clients: Private
Collaborators: Marco Calderini
Photo credits: Marco Cappelletti, Alessandro Bulletti
Photographer’s website: www.marcocappelletti.com


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