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Astree Design Agency:  Half living, half wandering, not slackening amidst the flowers, not leaving the bustling city. Free in the lake and forest, listening to the wind blowing through the green shade, enjoying the lake reflecting the setting sun.






Looking into the distance, seeking the Walden Lake in our hearts, feeling the tranquility and owning fre eedom.

Beyond the space, we converse with nature in a pure way, without the hustle and bustle of the mountains and lakes.Through the hands of craftsmen, the w armth of art is immersed in the mountain dwelling. Under such a grand landscape, we take “hiding” as the design concept, with delicate and soft lines, a combin ation of virtual and real, blending into the background of the earth under the play of light and shadow.Primary


▽观景眺望空间 The view overlooks the space

▽搭配以白色简洁的户外家具 Paired with simple outdoor furniture in white


▽夜景氛围  Night atmosphere





In the starry sky, in the star box, opening the box in the flower garden, whether it is a poem or a playful mood.

Above the fragrant grass, the bright and open layout of the star box is refreshing,with bright light and s shadow during the day and bright and moving stars at night. This space is perfect for the owners to organize small-scale activitiesexchangeqatherings, and share time, filling it with warmth and leisure. Whether watching movies, floral arrangements, or handcrafts, using the gifts of nature to arrange them freely the mood is healed.


▽把活动带到室外的星盒景观 Bring the activity outside to the Starbox landscape

▽布置以温暖的自然木质家具 Decorate with warm natural wood furniture




餐区 会客 Dining area, meeting guests

将室内空间延展至户外,拥有沉浸自然的生活边界。院内全部主材使用缅甸柚木原色无漆,经过精工打磨,曲线流畅,极具素朴之感。座面加以户外环保皮革包裹,手感敦厚质感温润 ,舒适自在。珊瑚粉与时尚灰的色彩结合,又平添几分活力。远眺湖景,围炉闲话,人生乐事。

In the garden, where the soul resides, surrounded by the beauty of the lake and mountains, savoring th he true meaning of life.

Extending the indoor space to the outdoors, with natural boundaries for a an immersive living experience.All the primary materials used in the courtyard are the natural color of Burmese teak without paint.The curves are smooth and simple, giving a rustic feeling.The seat is wrapped in environmentallv friendlv outdoor leather with a warm and comfortable texture.The combination of col ral pink and fashionable gray adds a touch of vitality. Invite a few friends, enjoy the lake view, and have a leisurely chat by the fire.This is the joy of life


▽将室内空间延展至户外的餐厅及会客区 Dining area, meeting guests


童趣  园艺区 Childlike Wonder- Garden Area



Having a lawn in the yard is truly a blessing for children. Even at home, they can set up a small camping tent at any time, with a custom color scheme that showcases the owner’s aesthetic sensibility.At nightstargazing,camping,and enjoying drinks at the bar

At the entrance, a very practical wooden workbench is placed to hold flower arranging tools and easily clean harvested fruits and vegetables, making it convenien and comfortable.


▽庭院设计搭配 Collocation of garden design






In the midst of the flower bushes, with the landscape and the company of flowersplants, insects, and birds

This was originally the home of small creatures, even if we moved in, we should not disturb their lives. These installations use various wood species that insects orefer blending back into nature and scattering on tree branches

In order for children to feel the changes of the seasons every day,magnifying qlasses have been added to the flower bushes, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the excitement of treasure
hunting and discovering another mysterious kingdom. Oh, and if you put your ear to the small speaker by the lakeside, huh? Those nconspicuous grasses seem to be whispering secrets.


▽融入花丛自然的“放大观察器” “Magnifying viewer” for flowers



Living by the water, watching the lake and the sky blend together. In the midst of flowers, listening to the chirping of insects and birds,admiring the clusters of flowers in the courtyard and the forest of trees in the heart, immersed in nature.




项目摄影:须然建筑摄影  邬涛

Project name: Changsha Jindi · SanQianFu Phase IV
Project type: Demonstration area and model garden landscape soft decoration
Entrusted by: Changsha Company, Central China, Gemdale Group
Chief Designer: Luan Xiaoyue
Project photography: Wu Tao, Xuran Architectural Photography
Landscape Design: Shanghai Zhangtang Landscape Design Office
Landscape co




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