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JTL Studio:形容一个人好看有很多词汇,但是“有气质”是一个非常别致的形容词,虽然没有惊鸿一瞥的绝色,但整体感知是非常的统一协调并让人舒服,虽无过目不忘的本领,但可以停留下来细细体会。我们理想中的设计也是这样的“内奢外简,归凡于心,气质浑然天成”。

JTL Studio:There are a great many vocabulary to describing a person’s beauty, but “graceful” is a quite unconventional adjective, although there is no unrivalled beauty in a glance, the overall perception is very unified, coordinated and comfortable, it allows for staying to feel although there is no gift of an extraordinary retentive memory ability. Our ideal design is also like this: “luxurious inside and simple outside, return to the heart,graceful as nature itself “.



JTL Studio是一家成立于新加坡的景观设计公司,着力于把新加坡的“新式”轻奢居住生活方式带给每一位使用者。这次很荣幸受东原地产的委托,将简约纯粹的人居空间与项目所追求“新式”生活美学有机融合为一体。

As a landscape design company established in Singapore, JTL Studio focuses on bringing the “new” light luxury living style of Singapore to every user. It is a great honor to be entrusted by Dowell real estate to integrate the simple and pure living space with the project’s pursuit of “new” life aesthetics.



▼方案草图 Sketch



With regards to the organization of landscape space, going across the gate, a flat composition (an open and wild landscape is passing through the gate), which enables people to break away from the complex urban environment and enter a light-luxury and elegant “new” living environment. Surrounded by luxuriantly green, the quiet and open waterscape has glistening water and mottled tree shadows, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere. On both sides of the waterscape, hedges and steps are integrated to enhance the fun of walking for guests who walk up the steps. Under the guidance of sequenced landscape walls and orderly stacked hedges, people can feel the simple and elegant landscape temperament in the space scale.







Targeting at the experience of returning home, the end view facing the gate adopts the combination of wall and vertical planting to enrich the level of vertical space between the virtual and the real. The entrance area uses the high and low levels of shrubs and the distribution of sequential planting pools to create the hotel-style delicate and private atmosphere.



▼归家的入户空间 Enter space



In the whole project, we pay attention to the details, the application of new materials and the comparison of colors, striving to show the characteristics of the landscape of Singapore to create an exquisite world in a bustling city and a hotel-style living space with light-luxury quality.




景观设计:JTL Studio Pte.Ltd
方案设计团队:刘展、Pax Ju、韩军、谭非、刘章

Project name: Dowell · Yin Yangze River
Client: Dowell Real Estate
Client team: Dowell landscape team
Landscape design:JTL Studio
Project design team: Liu Zhan, Pax Ju, Han Jun, Tan Fei, Liu Zhang
Construction drawing: HIBIC LANDSCAPE
Project area: 3000m2
Completion date: October, 2018
Landscape construction: Sichuan Xingli Garden Landscape Environmental Engineering Co., LTD.
Landscape soft decoration: Chongqing ESPERLUETTE Artwork Company
Landscape photography: Holi Landscape Photography


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