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当2008年毕业班决定将被忽视的外部通道转换为未来课程的聚会空间时,Choate Rosemary Hall要求Studio ABK建筑师进行改造,Landworks Studio被要求担任设计顾问。随着学生从同学,家长,教师和校友筹集资金,我们帮助开发了一个独特的,可持续发展的理念,将学生活动中心和拉里哈特池之间的平缓流通空间变成一个充满活力的新庭院,进行有组织的活动或休闲会议。

Landworks Studio, Inc.: 以下是从Landworks Studio, Inc.网站上摘录的内容:

When the graduating class of 2008 decided to convert an overlooked exterior passageway into a gathering space for future classes, Choate Rosemary Hall asked Studio ABK Architects to undertake the transformation, and Landworks Studio was called upon as a consultant for the design. As the students raised money from classmates, parents, faculty and alumni, we helped to develop a unique, sustainable concept to turn a bland circulation space between the Student Activities Center and Larry Hart Pool into a vibrant, new courtyard for organized events or casual meetings.


平面图  Plan



The existing site was surfaced with 24-inch concrete pavers; to minimize costs and site work, the design builds upon this grid. The centerpiece of the Senior Spot is a 131-foot, undulating, white bench which runs the length of the courtyard, replacing a single stripe of pavers. Additional pavers were taken up and replaced with modular, recycled plastic trays planted with a range of perennials. Tables and chairs along the north side of the courtyard provide additional seating.




The students requested that each donor be recognized for his or her contribution to the Senior Spot. Therefore, every donor’s name has been formed from Lumistone – a photoluminescent material – and inlaid into the surface of the bench. After nightfall, the names emit a blue glow, softly lighting the courtyard and reminding passersby of the students and friends of Choate who made this very special space possible.


建筑师: Studio ABK建筑师
制造者: Sterling Surfaces

Client: Choate Rosemary Hall
Architect: Studio ABK Architects
Fabricator: Sterling Surfaces

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