Myk-d :“中华运河恢复计划”是一项雄心勃勃的重建计划,改造了韩国首尔的城市布局。 这个设计是在国际比赛中获奖的项目,并庆祝这个七英里绿色走廊开始时从城市清洗的表面和次级径流的源头。 主要竞争的要求是突出今后的南韩统一。 该项目通过使用来自北韩和南韩八个省份的捐赠的当地石头来象征着这一政治努力。 单独的石块作为框架城市广场和径流的八个来源,代表了这个城市中心转型的统一努力。

Myk-d :The ChonGae Canal Restoration Project is an ambitious redevelopment initiative that transformed the urban fabric of Seoul, Korea. This design was the winning project in an international competition and celebrates the source point of cleansed surficial and sub grade runoff from the city at the start of this seven mile green corridor. The main competition requirement was to highlight the future reunification of North and South Korea. The project symbolizes this political effort through the use of donated local stone from each of the eight provinces of North and South Korea. The individual stones act to frame the urban plaza and the eight source points where runoff is daylighted and represents the unified effort in the transformation of this urban center.


Photos by Taeoh Kim and Robert Such.


Project name: ChonGae Canal Restoration
Location: Seoul, Korea


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