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TUNG DESIGN:Impressions of Chongqing? A day in the morning, a thousand miles from the White Emperor, a day in the morning? Or is it: “At night, I send a clear stream towards the Three Gorges, thinking of you, I can’t see you coming down to Yuzhou? The ancient charm of Bayu, the city of mountains and water …… This landscape painting is, as it happens, the way we live in it.



【区位文脉】Location & Culture


Located in Chongqing, which was known as “Yuzhou” during the Tang Dynasty, the model area of C&D Shuxiangfu is part of the Shanan West Road. It has been a major water and land transportation hub since ancient times, with simple and ancient folk customs, and the buildings are scaled by mountains and water. The project site is bordered by the Jialing River to the east and has good landscape resources. The site is bordered by secondary roads to the east, green areas and a long term residential area to the south and feeder roads to the north.


▽重庆印象 Impression of Chongqing


【设计概念】Design Concept


It is designed to create an ideal place with the cultural and natural characteristics of Chongqing city, following the example of Suzhou’s “Ke Yuan”, which is the only existing scholar’s garden in Suzhou. The name “Three Sounds Garden” is also derived from this, that is, “the sound of wind and rain, the sound of reading, the sound of reading”. The pond is in the center of the design, the layout is sparse, the threshold is curved and the corridor is returned, the water and wood are bright and clear, and the garden is open. The word “water” is interesting, and when you open the garden door and step into the foyer, you will see a vast blue water. The space is divided into three parts: “Qing Yun Steps”, “Three Sound Garden” and “Water of Cang Lang”.


▽苏州苏州现存唯一的书院园林——可园 The only existing academy garden in Suzhou — Keyuan

▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view


【一进空间|青云阶】Once in Space | Green Cloud Steps


The gateway to the old end of the mountain, the breeze is hard to climb, the gateway to the deep, inexhaustible oriental meaning. Courtyard, luxury like poetry ……The Summer Mountains is an ink and wash pale colour painting on silk by Dong Yuan, a painter of the Five Dynasties period. The summer scene, with its lush peaks, clouds and trees, is a good time to read.


▽入口空间-青云阶 Entrance space


▽阶梯水景设计细节 Step water feature design details


【二进空间|三声园】Second Entry Space | Three Voices Garden


The breeze and moon are priceless, the water and the mountains are all loving. The pond and the mountains are cut and built to create a three-dimensional landscape painting with infinite meaning.


归堂 Returning to the Church


The form and relationship between the courtyard patio and the rooms in the courtyard is a form of courtyard, showing the beauty of the Chinese courtyard, the four waters return to the hall, the sun and the rain, and the four seasons are scenic. When it rains, the rainwater drips from the eaves onto the ground forming a pattern of confluence and encirclement, and the wealth of the four directions flows continuously into the courtyard walls like water from the sky.


▽四水归堂庭院鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽庭院景观 Courtyard landscape



The corridors and patios are interspersed, the pavilion is situated near the water, and the view from the heights, surrounded by piles of Taihu stones and pools, allows you to enjoy the interest of the landscape and the quietness of the garden.




The space is a rich and varied one, with an orderly opening and closing. The carefully constructed space also gives a sense of ‘something else’.


▽三声园内部 Inside the garden of Three Sounds


游廊 Promenade


As it emerges, a winding promenade lingers along the wall and the lakeside. It is inspired by the philosophy of the Suzhou gardens, with the terrain undulating, and the sparse paths reflecting the light and shadow to capture the richness of the garden’s interest with one step and one deep courtyard.


▽起伏转折的湖畔长廊 The winding lakeside corridor


梯山 Ladder Hill


When the candle is adjusted, the axis is correct, and when the steps are level, the star of virtue hangs. A special feature of the design is the staircase leading to the first floor, which adds richness and interest to the space.


▽长廊连接楼上空间 A promenade connects the upstairs Spaces



景和 Scenic Harmony


In the Song Dynasty, Shi Shaotan’s “Fifty-five Songs of Praise to the Ancients” (one of them) “In spring there are a hundred flowers and in autumn there is a moon, in summer there is a cool breeze and in winter there is snow. If there are no idle matters on your mind, it is a good time on earth”




The garden’s window panes and cavernous doors reveal a hazy beauty between the hidden and the exposed. Turning into the small courtyard, the green tiles and white walls, the grass and trees are elegant and leisurely. The poetic and cultural connotations of the plants and the rocks in the courtyard blend together to reveal the beauty of the East in every object and scene.



【三进空间|沧浪之水】 Three in Space | The Waters of the Canyon


The bright moon shines between the pines, the clear spring flows on the rocks. The pomegranate smiles, the book is read, the garden is optimistic, the mountains and the water are elegant.




with chic houses hidden among the trees and stones as far as the eye can see.


▽售楼部景观 Sales department landscape

▽从窗向外观 From the window to the appearance


扶摇 The Fuyao


In the Zhuangzi – A Journey to the End of the World, the pavilion, placed at the water’s edge, is exquisitely beautiful and colourful. The elegant and compact architectural form plays an important role in the overall layout of the garden, borrowing scenery, grouping scenery, naming scenery, leading scenery, framing scenery, and increasing the interplay, contrast, reflection, transformation and penetration between scenery. They are integrated with other buildings, landscapes and greenery in the garden to form an enchanting landscape.


▽置于水边的扶摇亭与山林石水呼应融合 Placed on the water side of the Fuyao pavilion and forest stone water echo fusion

▽扶摇亭 The pavilion


松壑 Pine Valley


A pine ravine and a clear spring, with rocky outcrops, a pool of blue water in front and a pavilion standing on its own beneath three pines; deep behind the pines, a stone bridge stands above the spring waterfall, seemingly a landscape painting.



颐波 Water waves


Above the lakeside, an arched corridor bridge becomes a poetic image to be enjoyed exclusively on the other side of the lake. The design uses a combination of the red-across-green corridor bridge in the courtyard of Yu Yin Shan Fang, one of the four major gardens in Lingnan, and the small flying rainbow corridor bridge in the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, so that there is a view from every angle when standing at the bridge.




The pavilions, corridors, bridges and pavilions appear one after another in the courtyard, forming a complete and lively water garden. The water is piled up with rocks, and the rocks are configured with delicate plants to create an exquisite courtyard of natural and wild interest. The garden is surrounded by water, and the fragrance of the garden is interesting at every step.


▽拱廊桥 Arcade bridge


濯缨 Maundy Thursday


The pond’s water is clear enough to wash my tassels, and the reflection of the fish in the south pond is a beautiful image. It is a place where you can feel a transcendent state of life.


▽山石跌水 The rocks fall from the mountains


石影 Stone shadow


The piles of rocks are stacked on top of each other, drawing on the principle of “three distances (i.e. high, far, deep and flat)” in traditional Chinese painting, and choosing stones with good posture, good texture and large volume to be the closing stones to achieve the effect of rich layers and deep scenery.


▽堆石叠山的夜景氛围 Pile stone stack mountain night scene atmosphere


【终|细节展示】Final | Details show


The window is the eye of the garden. The window is also the garden of the mountains and the water, the flowers and the trees, and once it is in the window, it becomes a picture of its own. The window frame is used to float in and out of the garden, and the elegant interest flows in and out of the wall, creating a wonderful atmosphere of separation without obstruction.




开 发 商:建发集团重庆事业部
摄 影:林绿

Project Name: Chongqing C&D-Shu Xiang Fu Exhibition Area
Landscape area: 4967 sqm
Design date: May 2022
Completion: September 2022
Landscape Design: TUNG Design
Gardening Director: Pang Mei Fu
Developer: C&D Group Chongqing Division
Photographer: Lin Green
Contact email: etung@qq.com




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