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ad2 architekten ZT KG:这个仿佛穿上了高级时装的CoMED复杂折线住宅建筑,坐落在一座城市山坡上,它这种不禁让人联想起天上星星的水晶形外观,重新定义了对建筑的高度有严格要求的传统房屋类型。

ad2 architekten ZT KG:Enthroned on the urban hillside property, the haute couture dressed CoMED reflects the sophisticated architectural work. For some viewers it has com from another star, the crystalline shape re-defines an old-fashioned house type with strictly rules for the height of the building.


© ad2 architekten ZT KG
© ad2 architekten ZT KG



Working on the finetuning of the building volume is essential for the appearance of CoMED. Only through cuts – skillfully implemented with the material Galaxy Blue from the Spectra series by Alucobond, Amari – the look and proportion of the house is described totally new. The façade changes during the day and shades depending on the daily routine and weather. The entire building with a subsequent pool is played around polygonal and in triangular areas.



Perched on the urban hillside plot, the crystalline haute couture dress of CoMED, reflects the sophisticated architectural work on this house. The natural thought while designing was not neglected. The result shows a green area in front of the house, an incised courtyard with an amber tree who grows level-1 and enables showering and bathing in a tree top and get a part of the interior too. On top there is a calm recreation area for the parents on level +3 with city panoramic view and in front of the protecting window instead of ordinary roof surface a natural green carpet – a roof with plants.


© Hertha Hurnaus
© Hertha Hurnaus



The basics of the color concept are the so-called non-colors black and mixed with blue and silvergrey – according to the facade material “galaxy blue” – which relates to water and blue sky. During the year, the color from the surrounding plants also bring color into the living area and make life colorful.


© ad2 architekten ZT KG
© ad2 architekten ZT KG
© ad2 architekten ZT KG



The interior is body shaped for the client-specific, packaged in one stream. We used the “in between” of the main functions to do it like a unique and visionary style with the focus: well designed and well functionable. The fitted furniture forms a unit with the building. Every thing has their own place. It provides a tidy surrounding for the user – less influences means better physically recovering.


© Hertha Hurnaus



Corian for moisture-prone areas, blank steel for the stairways and the furniture beside the fireplace, fabric surfaces for cosyness and pleasant room acoustic, painted board materials for normal use were processed. The same tiles on the floor inside and outside helps together with the big sized windows a seamless transition from in-to outside.


© Hertha Hurnaus
© Hertha Hurnaus



The pool-building rises above the lawn differently but spectacularly configurated like the building entrance and adds visually and acoustically the element water into the private city area. Under the cantilevered pool-building there is a famous place for having dinner and celebrate life in Europeans summer season.


© Hertha Hurnaus




For merging the garden with the residential building, a “garden folding” in white was designed too. Made of white glassfibre concrete panels these functional landscape garden-object provides following features:

A loung-area with fireplace with surrounded platforms for all year round sitting and lying on level -1, different areas with bed-framing for flowers and there are also stylish steps to the main lawn area downhill. These are not only steps – there are also open parts for plants in order there is no hard break between building and nature.


© ad2 architekten ZT KG



The huge aslope crack planted with giant miscanthus emphasize the transition of garden and building and creates a gate situation between the summer-kitchen and pool-shower area and the green playground for the children.


© Hertha Hurnaus
© Hertha Hurnaus



This residential area in the city of Vienna does not only consist of house with garden and pool, it is an ensemble of climate-protected multilevel living space and their “tentacles”, which are designed for the occupants as shading, stairs and balustrades, outdoor sitting objects, planting pots and design object too.


© ad2 architekten ZT KG



项目名称:奥地利维也纳住宅 CoMED
项目地点:奥地利 维也纳

设计公司:ad2 architekten ZT KG
首席建筑师:Andrea Dämon
设计团队:ad2 architekten ZT KG – Andrea Dämon, Andreas Doser
图片:Hertha Hurnaus, ad2 architekten ZT KG

Project name: CoMED, Residential in Vienna, Austria
Completion Year: 2016
Design Area: 400 m² Residential on 1000 m² building plot, garden about 700 m²
Project location: Vienna, Austria

Design Firm: ad2 architekten ZT KG
Website: www.ad2-architekten.at
Contact e-mail: team@ad2-architekten.at
Lead Architects: Andrea Dämon
Design Team: ad2 architekten ZT KG – Andrea Dämon, Andreas Doser
Clients: privat (anonymous)
Photo credits: Hertha Hurnaus, ad2 architekten ZT KG
Photographer’s website: www.hurnaus.com


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