100 Architects:  它创造了一个静止的空间,通过提供一种不同寻常的互动来吸引过路人的注意。

100 Architects:  It creates an space of stasis catching the attention of passersby by providing of an unusual interaction with their movement through the space.




The Painted Scape is a 2d architectural configuration, which is painted and/or coated to cover a significant area of an existing urban scape. This architectural configuration only intervenes – whether vertically or horizontally – on the surface of the space.




The interaction takes place in the interface between the user and the painted surfaces – vertical or horizontal – in which the users finds information, signals, functional areas and spaces.



Cool Gang的主要目的是唤起人们对现有空间的关注,注入独特的身份,并以2d美学突出空间功能。通过这些行动,这种干预使得以前不起眼的空间成为用户和顾客的吸引力。

The main objective of the painted scape is to call attention to the existing space, inject it with a unique identity, and highlight spatial functions with 2d aesthetics. Through these actions, this intervention makes a formerly unremarkable space an attraction for users and customers.



项目名称: Cool Gang
设计公司: 100 Architects
地点: 中国昆山
完成时间: 2018年2月
摄影师: Amey Kandalgaonkar

Project name: Cool Gang
Designer: 100 Architects
Location: KunSquare , Kunshan , China
Completion: Feb  2018
Photographer: Amey Kandalgaonkar


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