bensley在田园诗般的完美之间,坐落着最迷人的波多黎各豪华度假胜地之一 – 呼吁那些相信每一次旅程都应该成为探索之旅的人。凭借其宁静的海岸线,私人住宅,温泉疗养和和谐的氛围,巧妙融入大自然的环境中,丽思卡尔顿自然保护区多拉多海滩是一个难得的度假胜地。丽思卡尔顿保护区多拉多海滩酒店是一家AAA级五星级酒店,并且很自豪能够成为加勒比地区唯一的2017年福布斯五星级酒店和水疗中心奖得主。

bensleyBetween idyllic perfection lies one of the most charming luxury resorts in Puerto Rico – calling on those who believe that every trip should be an exploratory trip. With its tranquil coastline, private residences, hot springs and harmonious atmosphere, the Ritz-Carlton nature reserve dorado beach is a rare resort, inviting guests to arrive and speechless.The Ritz-Carlton reserve dorado beach hotel is an AAA – rated five-star hotel and is proud to be the only Caribbean winner of the 2017 Forbes five-star hotel and spa award.



The beauty of our private Caribbean surroundings is celebrated with thoughtfully designed luxury suites and villas, while spacious layouts, luxurious bathrooms and indulgent bedding tempt one to forgo exploration for welcome seclusion.Discover an exclusive selection of two- to five-bedroom Residences and the five-bedroom, historic Su Casa. Each private home boasts pristine ocean views and expansive open-air living spaces to accommodate families and friends who gather to immerse themselves in nature’s astonishing backdrop.