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Belt Collins International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has been implementing the design principle of coexistence of innovation and aesthetics, fully integrating functionality and artistic beauty.Since the 1980s, it has created numerous landmark international works.The company adheres to the international vision, not limited to landscape design itself, but also emphasizes the excavation of project potential and brand value.Through continuous innovation and deduction, the company fully integrates the understanding of nature, history and humanity into the project.It also takes the responsibility of protecting nature , and endowing each project with the star-level operation guarantee, so as to improve the long-term commercial value of the project.

As the headquarters of Greater China, Belt Collins International (Hong Kong) has four branches (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu) in China since 2000, leading more than 500 interdisciplinary professionals in different regions.The company's outstanding design directors leads a number of elite design teams, providing a full range of planning and design services for more than 130 cities and regions in China, covering business, main residence, resort and hotel, urban complex, recreational and recreational facilities, etc.We have won many awards, and the project level and board value have been significantly improved.Over the years, the company has trained a group of creative design elites with rich international design experience and a large number of excellent designers, established a stable talent pool, promoted the close cooperation of excellent teams from all over the country, guaranteed the high-level design of the project, and strived to make each project a classic.