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BHL Landscape International was established by Mr. Chief Designer Mr. Chen Zuowen in Shanghai in 2002. B. H. L is the letter abbreviation of BelenHans Landscape, and complements each other with his design concept Brilliant = HighLight--create the amazing landscape design through the outstanding artistic thought.

BHL Landscape International is located at the Haishanghai Xincheng full of Shanghai-style flavor, and is adjacent to North Bund of Huangpu River. The company's internal environment was upgraded again and updated in 2018, and owns the sense of design and the purest ART DECO office atmosphere. We have close cooperation here with the excellent landscape planners, designers and engineers from different countries. And we apply the "ecological economy" (ECO2) theory introduced by the World Bank and the "sponge city" technology vigorously launched by the government of China in various designs to make the contribution to the ecological development of economy in each region.