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Holi was founded in 2017 by Arch-Exist photography. As a new segmentation of photography, Holi defined landscape photography.

The English word "Holi" comes from the Sichuan dialect pronunciation.

As a top landscape photography team in China, Holi consists of qualified architects and young artists. Holi aims to create natural and authentic  landscape photographs.

Each photography of Holi is a present perception against different shooting subjects. Different styles of design works are slightly discriminated and explained as per the targeted post-production of project temperament. Four photographers' craze on photography and mutual infection in their work let Holi's picture keep high standard and also reserve the most sensitive part of each photographer. We know that people's characteristic is the most valuable fortune of Holi. As the shooting team full of humanistic spirit, Holi's photographers strive to make each group of work full of life, and find the most moving scene of landscape design.