Chengdu SecondNature Landscape Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, and its headquarters is located in Chengdu. After more than ten years of rapid development, the company has been expanding in scale. At present, it has established three branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chongqing, with more than 400 international top elite teams and a large number of outstanding talents. With "creativity" as the core driving force, the company enjoys the "C" value system exclusively, and forms three business segments: landscape design, Xiaoyou technology, and Saikensi Wenchuang. SecondNature has formed deep strategic cooperation with many well-known domestic real estate enterprises in China, and won many professional design awards at home and abroad. Over the years, with its core advantages in the professional field, SecondNature has established a good brand awareness and formed a unique core competitiveness in the landscape design industry. The company's business scope covers residential landscape, public landscape, cultural tourism and other categories. As an excellent ecological scene operator, SecondNature has Grade A qualification for landscape engineering design and Grade B qualification for urban and rural planning issued by the Ministry of Construction. It is a member unit directly under Sichuan Federation of Industry and Commerce, and successfully listed on the New Third Board in November 2016 (stock code: 839806).