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First&M Apartments的“底层”概念依赖于绝对连接的理念,Landworks Studio通过精心校准的雕塑程式化和正式的材料编织而实现。 我们与Studios Architecture and Archstone紧密合作,发展了一整套完整的空间(内,外)系列,为建筑物的乘客提供了经验变化和视觉兴趣。 每个空间都经过仔细的调整,以促进特定用途,从远处观察时,可以视觉压缩,以创造高度雕刻和内在的引人注目的身份。

Landworks Studio, Inc.: 以下是从Landworks Studio, Inc.网站上摘录的内容:

The concept for the ‘ground floor’ of First & M Apartments relies upon the idea of absolute connectivity, which Landworks Studio achieved through a carefully calibrated sculptural programmatic and formal material weave. We worked closely with Studios Architecture and Archstone to evolve a completely integrated series of spaces (inside and out) that provide experiential variation and visual interest for the building’s occupants. Each space has been carefully scaled to facilitate particular uses, which, when viewed from a distance, visually compress to create a highly sculptural and viscerally compelling identity.



建筑师: 戴维斯卡特斯科特
室内设计师: STUDIOS建筑
建设经理: 范式建设
喷泉顾问: 威斯科喷泉
渲染器: 乔希·卡茨
顾问:  CAPCO – Capital Plastics Company (长凳制造商),艺术展示公司(长凳照明)
摄影: 盖蒂影像

Architect: Davis Carter Scott
Interior Architect: STUDIOS Architecture
Construction Manager: Paradigm Construction
Fountain Consultant: WESCO Fountains
Renderer: Josh Katz
Consultants: CAPCO – Capital Plastics Company (Bench Fabricator), Art Display Company (Bench Lighting)
Photography: Getty Images

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