STX Landscape Architects嘉翠雅居(Foresque Residences)位于武吉知马上段绝佳优选地段,由5栋高层公寓组成,独享3000公顷天然翠绿的远山绿林。设计理念源于大自然的灵感升华,设计风格散发盎然生机。高耸气派的公寓住宅大楼犹如置身于世界级花园中的一枝独秀,与广阔蔚蓝的泳池、充满巧思的凉亭相映成趣,与美好自然完美融为一体。

STX Landscape ArchitectsThe Foresque Residences, located in a prime location in the forgemque Residences, consist of five high-rise apartments and enjoy 3,000 hectares of natural emerald green remote mountain and green forest. The design concept originates from the inspiration sublimation of nature, and the design style radiates abundant vitality. High style apartment is like place oneself in residential building world-class outshine others in the garden, with the vast blue swimming pool, full of creative and pavilions set each other off becomes an interest, and beautiful natural perfect harmony.



Foresque Residence Condominium was designed as an extension to the flora and fauna of the site, nestled in the grounds surrounding nature parks and reserves. The intimate relationship with the landscape creates a borderless synergy, between human-use and nature, as they learn to coexist both in the indoor and outdoor spaces. Retaining the essence of nature in its dense and lush planting, the landscape integrates a wide variety of trees, palms, shrubs and groundcovers to mimic the forest species, capturing the rich diversity of plant life in its surrounding. This inspirational forest and natural setting sets a fundamental element of the Foresque Residence experience; stimulating participants to connect with, and reflect upon the physical environment. The design and layout for the landscape is conceived to help protect the diversity of our natural environment as well as the processes that sustain it, while respecting site and the surrounding environments.



AWARDS: Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards (SLAA), 2017

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