bensley兰卡威四季度假村是马来西亚兰卡威地质公园的豪华度假胜地,直属于Four Seasons旗下,在热带海滨花园中提供91个凉亭和别墅,种类繁多的自然和户外活动以及身临其境的Geo Spa。

bensleyLangkawi four seasons resort is a luxury resort in Malaysia’s langkawi geopark, offering 91 pavilions and villas in tropical seaside gardens, a wide range of natural and outdoor activities and the immersive geo spa.


“Four Seasons Resort Langkawi offers a very different beach vacation for families with teenagers,” explains General Manager Andrew Harrison. “We’re surrounded by soaring cliffs and an ancient rainforest where eco-experiences and high adrenalin meet via activities like rock-climbing in the rainforest, kayak adventures in search of wild animals, zipline adventures in the tropical canopy, moonlit bonfires at the water’s edge as well as great beach and water sports such as wake-boarding, wind surfing and Malaysia’s first X-Jetblades. And when the day’s adventures are over, our Deluxe Family Beach Villas give families with teens the personal space that everyone needs to ensure the only drama they’ll experience is the beauty of the Geopark surroundings.”

“ 兰卡威四季度假村为青少年家庭提供了一个非常不同的海滩度假,”总经理安德鲁哈里森解释说。“我们周围是高耸的悬崖和古老的热带雨林,那里的生态体验和高水平的肾上腺素通过雨林中的攀岩,寻找野生动物的皮划艇冒险,热带雨林中的滑索冒险,水中的月光篝火边缘以及大型海滩和水上运动,如唤醒,冲浪和马来西亚首个X-Jetblades。当这一天的冒险结束后,我们的豪华家庭海滩别墅给家庭提供了青少年的个人空间,每个人都需要确保他们体验的唯一一场戏就是地质公园周围的美景。“





Client:Four Seasons