plandscape :2014年底,plandscape景观有限公司董事总经理Wannaporn Pui Phornprapa被选为世界八大国际景观设计师之一,设计了一个“泰国”当代园林“内阁”,这是德国柏林Garten de Welt永久性展览的一部分。“Garten de Welt”是Grun Berlin在IGA Berlin 2017项目的一部分,于2017年4月正式开放。

plandscape :At the end of 2014, Wannaporn Pui Phornprapa, managing director of P landscape co.,ltd was chosen to be one of eight international landscape architects in the world to design a “Thai” contemporary garden “cabinet”, as part of a permanent exhibition at the ‘Garten de Welt’ in Berlin, Germany. The ‘Garten de Welt’ was part of the IGA Berlin 2017 Project by Grün Berlin and was officially opened in April, 2017.



花园设计从泰国南部的标志性岛屿和传统的泰式微型园林类型’Kho Mo’中获得灵感。心灵的花园是泰国超现实主义景观的表达 – 扩大想象力和幻想。该设计旨在通过使用镜像表面来突出无限感的视角。金镶嵌和花岗岩石是反映泰国艺术和文化装饰传统的关键材料,微型岛的金色层是泰国南部攀牙岛的抽象形态。建筑图纸与德国景观建筑团队(K1Landschaftsarchitekten)合作完成,后者帮助将这一想法转化为现实。

The garden design took inspiration from the iconic southern islands of Thailand and the heritage Thai miniature garden typology or ‘Kho Mo’. The Garden of the Mind is an expression of the Thai surreal landscape – expanding imagination and fantasy.The design is intended to make a play on perspective exaggerated by the sense of infinity through the use of mirrored surfaces. The gold mosaic and granite stone is the key material to reflect the decorative heritage of Thai art and culture and the golden layers of the miniature islands are an abstracted form of the Phang nga islands in the south of Thailand.The architectural drawings were completed in cooperation with the German landscape architecture team (K1 Landschaftsarchitekten) who helped turn this idea into reality.




About the “Internationale Gartenausstellung” (IGA) International horticultural exhibition
Every ten years an international horticultural exhibition is held in Belin, Germany. The IGA institute showcases the latest garden designs from leading landscape architects and designers. The IGA events have established themselves as generators of ideas for urban, ecological, cultural and infrastructural development. Around 2 million people are expected to visit the Garden exhibition in IGA berlin 2017 before end of garden season in October.





Project name: Garden of the Mind
Location: Berlin, Germany
Completed: 2017

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