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筑博设计-联合公设: 随着现代城市的蔓延,原本城市边缘的自然村落逐渐成为了繁华都市中的孤岛。城中村作为中国近代人口飞速发展的产物,普遍存在于中国的各⼤城市中。城中村虽称为村,却无村庄印象中的青山绿水,仅有这城市⾥最坚硬的不透⽔混凝地表。城中村内空间拥挤,采光不足,“脏乱差”是人们对城中村的第一印象。建筑师尝试通过力所能及的手段,在城中村中做了实践尝试,意在解决城中村面临的一些问题。

ZHUBO-AAO: Along with the expansion of modern city,original villages located in the edge of city have been turning into isolated islands in flourishing city.Urban village,resulting from population boom in modern China,exists in major cities as common case. However,there is no mountain or river in the so called urban‘village’ as in imagination,but the concrete land which is hard and impermeable.Moreover,due to the poor condition of  lighting and narrow space,The first impression of most people for urban village is messy and unsafe. Architects in AAO has made a practice seeking for a solution to problems in urban village.



建筑师提出Green Cloud的设想,采用⼀种容易复制的低技术建造手段,⼀方面改善城中村雨⽔管理能力,一方面为城中村的居民增添绿色与友善的共享活动场所,改变城中村局促的生存状态。Green Cloud是基于城中村仍存在大量尚未有效利用的屋面的前提,通过在具备改造可能的屋面上建造Urban Mountain。

Architects propose a tentative idea of Green Cloud,aiming to improve rainwater management ability as well as providing green and comfort common place for residents, from which the current living states of residents could be improved.‘Green Cloud’ is a low-technique required renovation method which can be copied easily.To make use of large quantity of roofs in urban village,architects  build Urban Mountain on the roof which have potential to be reconstructed.



希望通过本次Urban Mountain的实施,能起到相应的示范带动作用,使得周边的村民能真切的看到其成效,从而自发性地学习Urban Mountain营造,甚至复制至自家的屋面之上。当城中村内一座又一座Urban Mountain被建造出来,Urban Mountain慢慢在城中村的上空交织在一起,最后在城中村的上空构筑成一个充满绿色与欢乐的新地表 — the Green Cloud。

Architects set up Urban Mountain on dwelling roofs to make up for this kind of Green Cloud practice be as demonstration.We hope adjacent residents could be impacted to master the construction skill of Urban Mountain idiopathically and after that,copy them to their own roofs.As Urban Mountains being built in urban village one after another and connecting in the sky,a new landscape full of fun,joy and greening that we planned is coming out — the Green Cloud.



经过多处的实地考察,团队最终选定了深圳岗厦村的一处80年代建设的民房作为本次Urban Mountain(城中绿山)计划的试验场地,并确⽴了本次实践尝试计划为“愚公计划2.0”,由“现代愚公”为岗厦村搬来第⼀座Urban Mountain(城中绿⼭山)。“愚公计划2.0”自2017年11⽉27日开工,至2017年12月20日完工,历时两个月。

A residential dwelling constructed in 80s (located in Gangxia Village, Shenzhen) has been selected as practice base for Urban Mountain.The practice is named‘Yugong Plan 2.0’,the first Urban Mountain is carried to Gangxia by modern‘Yugong’.‘Yugong Plan 2.0’started from 27th September and ended at 20th December,2017.




‘Yugong Plan 2.0’thickens the un-utilized roof  and lists it into second land surface among which the rainwater is preserved and greening expanded (it could also be used as vegetables and plants planting).Such two dimensional land surface could change in Z axis according to space property.It creates pavilions for social activity beneath and  upper space for people’s  walking and sitting.




这座Urban Mountain慢慢成为城中村的文化活力点,近期,9名4-11岁的小演奏家们在此Urban Mountain上(2018年6月),给周边的邻里带来⼀场仲夏音乐会。许多邻居打开了那扇深锁许久的窗户,在窗前聆听孩⼦们的演奏。鉴于本次尝试的成功,日后类似的活动将越来越频繁。

Urban Mountain has gradually been a culture activity zone in urban village.Recently(June 2018),a mid-summer concert was held on Urban Mountain,9 little musicians aged 4-11 made neighbors open the windows that had been closed for so long.After big success of the concert, other residential community activities that comes later are expected.



平面图  Master Plan


立面  Elevation


“城中绿山”转化为“绿色的云”  Urban Mountain to Green Cloud

轴测图  Axonometric分析图1  Diagram 1 分析图2  Diagram 2
模型1  Model 1


模型2  Model 2


模型3  Model 3








Project name: Green Cloud
Architect: ZHUBO-AAO
Design year: 2017
Completion: 2017
Project location: Gangxia 1980,Futian District, Shenzhen,Guangdong Province,China

Leader designer & Team:
-Project Director: Zhong Qiao
-Lead Architects: John Siu
-Design Team: Li Junda,Tao Ke,Hu Yaomin  

Gross Built Area: 90m²
Photo credits: John Siu,Xu Yang,Zeng Xiaoyan,Guo Zhaofan

-Structure Engineer: He Licai 
-Sponge City Technique Consultant: Ren Xinxin 
-Landscape Consultant: Liu Ting
-Building Owner & Facilities maintenance: Glocal 

Client: The Nature Conservancy

-Metal Group – 80*80 Pure Square Steel Tube
-10mm Steel Plate as Facilities Foundation 
-Fluorocarbon Coating in white
-Preservative-treated Timber as Step


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