r+b: 该公园位于Thyssen Krupp公司的工厂和Bruckhausen工人阶级居住区之间的交界处。这个地区是绿带和Beeckerwerth Rönsberghof开放空间之间的纽带。公园的三个基本设计元素是: 一个“步行”雕塑,作为西边的噪音防护,两侧是开花的树木、东边的长廊以及中央草坪和草地。树木繁茂的区域、地球雕塑和宽阔的草坪构成了一个清晰的框架,让人们在自由开放的空间中感受到密度和范围。

r+b: The park is located at the interface between hard industrial plants of Thyssen Krupp Steel and the historical working-class quarter of Bruckhausen. The district is the link between a green belt and open spaces of Beeckerwerth Rönsberghof. The three basic design elements of the park are: a “walking” sculpture as noise protection in the West with viewpoints flanked by flowering trees, the promenade in the east and a central lawn and meadow area. The clear framework of wooded areas, the earth sculpture and wide lawns allow a sense of density and range in free open space.



总平面图  Master Plan


地址: 德国杜伊斯堡
年份: 2015年
客户: 杜伊斯堡市
摄影: Hans Blossey, r+b, Thomas Wolf

Address: Dieselstraße, 47166 Duisburg
Year: 2015
Client: Stadt Duisburg
Photography: Hans Blossey, r+b, Thomas Wolf


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