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AOBO LANDSCAPE:The Hermitage is located in the town of Kietou, Chengdu, where the pursuit of an elegant and restful lifestyle is a quality deeply embedded in the DNA of the Chengdu people.This is the second project in Chengdu of Green City’s “Guihua Series”, which continues the stringent quality, product and living concepts of the series, which coincides with the ultimate design philosophy pursued by Aobo.

In a small space of less than 1,000 square metres, the team of designers have reconstructed a modern oriental aesthetic living space for the people of Chengdu that is not grand, but rather introspective and attentive to the heart, remote and large.



迂回 Meandering


A breakthrough from the traditional ‘narrative-like’ straight-line layout, the space is curved and meandered, opening and closing to create a sequential experience of moving and changing scenery, creating a rhythm of landscape and space interpenetration in a very small space and maximising the limited land resources.


▽体验动线示意  The moving line diagram


▽入口 The entrance



White walls, green trees, brick, tile and wood, a minimalist spatial vocabulary, whispering the power of silence in a busy and noisy city.



沉浸 Immersion


The designers have teamed up forestry and vegetation with walls in a CP design, with a minimalist dotted line design that blocks the view and envelops the walker in a courtyard where they can immerse themselves in the flow of light.


▽空间围合示意 Space enclosure diagram


▽白墙绿树,创造沉浸式体验 White wall of green trees creates an immersive experience



White walls, green trees and a square pond, between the dimensions, light and shadow change, reflecting heaven and earth. Straight ahead and around the corner, the wall is here, blocking the view, but creating another view, moving from one step to another, feeling the flow of heaven and earth in a square inch.


▽在庭院中感受步移景异 in the courtyard to feel the different scenery


▽柔和有力,充满生命灵气的意向与精神 Soft and powerful, full of the intention and spirit of life and spirituality.


调性 Tone


In terms of spatial mood, the designer uses light and water mirrors to create a multi-layered spatial form, with an interplay between the real and the imaginary, to create an oriental Zen atmosphere, so that the whole space contains an elegant and light humanistic atmosphere in the design language of oriental aesthetics.


▽悄然顺承,勾勒主景意境 Natural, outline the main scene artistic conception



A boat full of light and shade, glowing between light and shade and reality. The boat, here carrying the heart on its way home, arrives on the other side of the Yazoo.




The light elegance of black and white ink is naturally interesting and can be travelled, practiced, desired and lived in.



质感 Texture


The designer extracts the design elements of traditional Chinese gardens such as light, forest, stone, boat and wall, and uses new forms, techniques and materials to compare the landscape with the small and the large, and adds a minimal white treatment to create a more premium impression from the materials.



设计师说 Designer’s View


Tracing the spiritual origin of Chinese aesthetics, at the beginning of the design, we expected that this case would eventually present the sense of returning to nature, the simplicity of the Way to simplicity, and the poetic resting of life.







完成年份: 2021年
联系邮箱: 304757491@qq.com
主创设计师: 何美霖、李勇军、宋文
设计团队: 何美霖、李勇军、宋文、万欣、藤文均、李吉安、陈汉、任智超、王剑锋、王红人、姜黎明、何金瑶、罗蓉、欧阳浩然、张瑜玲
摄影师: Holi河狸景观摄影

Project name: Greentown, Guiyu Zhaoyang
Year completed: 2021
Project area :978㎡
Project location: Chengdu
Landscape Design: Aobo Landscape
Company website: http://www.aobo.design/
Contact email: 304757491@qq.com
Main designers: He Meilin, Li Yongjun, Song Wen
Design team: He Meilin, Li Yongjun, Song Wen, Wan Xin, Teng Wenjun, Li Jian, Chen Han, Ren Zhichao, Wang Jianfeng, Wang Hongren, Jiang Liming, He Jinyao, Luo Rong, Ouyang Haoran, Zhang Yuling
Customer: Greentown Southwest China region, Zhejiang Greentown Construction Co., LTD
Photographer: Holi Landscape Photography



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