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SPARK 以对新加坡克拉码头和升喜廊的建筑创新设计改造而闻名。

GRiD 是一个全新的篇章,项目位于新加坡实利基艺术区,是一个以年轻人为目标客群的商业和教育中心。夹在邻近的 SOTA 艺术学院和几个传统的购物中心之间,GRiD 是对现有建筑进行充满活力改造的一个良好例子,它通过积极的再利用而不是大规模的拆除和重建来延续其在社区中所承担的功能。

SPARK: SPARK has a reputation for the innovative transformation of buildings such as Clarke Quay and Starhill Gallery.

GRiD is the next chapter in this narrative. A youth focused mall and education hub sits at heart of Singapore’s Selegie Arts District. Sandwiched between the adjacent School of the Arts (SOTA) and several time-worn shopping malls. GRiD is a great example of vibrant retrofitting of an existing building that extends its community relevance through positive reuse rather than wholesale demolition and re-construction.


▽视频 The video


▽GRiD 夜景照片 GRiD at dusk

© Fabian Ong
© Fabian Ong


SPARK 擅长于为项目创造丰富的价值。通过改造,GRiD 在城市街角变身为吸引人的“灯塔”,改造后新增的可租赁餐饮空间创造了更高的租金回报,而“灯塔”也是对当地夜市文化的“呼应”。

The metamorphosis of GRiD’s street-corner into a “beacon” and attractor as well as housing an increased quantum of high revenue generating F+B units is SPARK’s signature gesture and a cultural “nod” to the night-time luminosity of the local shophouses.



新引入的“社交楼梯”毗邻周边的 SOTA 艺术院校,是这个活力新角落的关键部分,是一个与朋友在长椅上放松休憩的地方,人们可以在这里观看屏幕上的节目或 GRiD 的艺术租户提供的现场表演。


通过精心的设计,GRiD 从其周边的建筑中脱颖而出。外部的城市能量辐射到内部,以霓虹灯为载体的超大实用主义图形散发出后工业美学。

A new ‘social stair’, a key component of the dynamic new corner is located opposite SOTA driving footfall to “food joints” in the basement. The stair is place to relax with friends, watch onscreen shows or enjoy live performances by GRiD’s arts focused tenants.

The corner shops and social stair have become a vibrant digital generation friendly “instagrammer” canvas for content creators, and experience seekers.

GRiD has been deliberately designed to stand out from its neighbours. The energy of the exterior is carried into the interior spaces, redolent of a post-industrial aesthetic with neon lights and supersized utilitarian graphics.




GRiD 坐落于新加坡艺术区的中心,处于 SOTA 艺术院校和 Park Lane 及 Peace Centre 这 2 个新加坡老一代购物中心之间。GRiD 项目是将一个落魄的旧建筑转变为以社区为中心的青年零售和教育中心的极佳典范。提升改造工作的核心目的是通过社区互动、增加可达性和提升项目和社区形象来提高资产价值。

GRiD sits at the heart of Singapore’s Arts District, sandwiched between SOTA (School of the Arts) and 2 of Singapore’s older generation of shopping malls Park Lane and Peace Centre. GRiD is a great example of a positive transformation of a failing building into socially focused youth retail and education hub for the community. The upgrading work is centred on the core purpose of increasing asset value through social interaction, increased accessibility and the celebration of self and community.



设计关键元素 Key Elements

1. 立面改造 Transformation of Building Image


The primary gesture is the transformation of the building’s corner, it’s key address and threshold to the street. The reenvisioned corner becomes the building “beacon” and attractor, a vibrant digital generation friendly “instagrammer” canvas for content creators, and experience seekers.


▽概念图:改造提升的理念  Concept Diagram: Urban Transformation



▽转角照片 Corner façade Photo 

© Studio Zeros



The multilevel high rent ‘flagship’ corner is the result of moving low rental value shops from deep parts of the building interior to the easily accessible and high visibility street corner. The low value shops were “voided” out to create visual and spatial connections from the ground floor into a double volume gymnasium in the basement.


2. 符合客户目标的业态组合 Programmatic mix to suit Client objectives

原先位于内部比较隐蔽位置的“餐饮市集”,改造后位于建筑的转角位置,这里原本是没有使用功能的 4 层中庭空间,这个重要改造提升了建筑物对外和对内的视野可达性。通过沿主干道建筑立面的不同楼层设置户外用餐区,增加项目的吸引力和辨识度。

• 转角位置商铺面积增加:50%
• 沿主干道商铺面积增加:35%

An increased quantum of youth focused “food joints” are located at transformed corner, replacing an unproductive 4-storey void. The new corner facilitates great Al fresco dining spaces with terraces that increase visibility to and from the building and importantly underpinning the notion of urban interaction.

Key facts on leasable area increase:
• Area at key corner threshold: 50%
• Area along street front: 35%


▽概念图:将内部低租金商铺面积转换至临街高租金商铺面积 Concept Diagram: Transferring leasable area to high value street front



▽改造前剖面 Before



▽改造后剖面 After



3. 社交楼梯 Social Stair

新引入的“社交楼梯”毗邻周边的 SOTA 艺术院校,是这个活力新角落的关键部分,是一个与朋友在长椅上放松休憩的地方,人们可以在这里观看屏幕上的节目或现场表演,这个室外休闲空间将成为这个城市艺术区的重要组成部分。

A new ‘social stair’ is introduced adjacent to the School of the Arts (SOTA), an important part of the dynamic new corner and place to relax with friends on benches watching shows onscreen, or live performances, in a naturally ventilated triple volume space. The stair volume provides more façade are for the restaurants and creates a socially focused addition to the arts district urban grain.


▽社交楼梯 Photo of Social Stairs



The social staircase provides direct access to the basement, food street, and other “attractor”facilities like the ‘social washroom’, public study & work zones, vending machines & lockers, all designed to transform utilitarian functions into social spaces.


▽社交台阶与地下一层入口 Social Stairs and Basement Entrance


4. 社交洗手间 Social Washroom


▽社交洗手间平面图:改造前后 Social washroom plans by SPARK: Before and After



移动设备和社交媒体对日常生活的影响,激发了 SPARK 将实用空间设计成更积极的社交空间,让人们在购物、学习或工作之余,可在这里会面、聊天和进行拍照创作。社交卫生间定制的后工业风的洗手台和厕所隔间被设计为“照相亭”背景,带有丰富有趣的图形,从而吸引人们在这里拍照打卡。

The impact of mobile gadgets and social media on everyday life, inspired SPARK’s design of utilitarian space into positive places for chance meetings, gossip sessions and image creation while taking a break between shopping, education or work. The social washroom’s bespoke post industrial washbasin and WC cubicles are designed to be “photobooth” back drops with super graphics which prompt fun and unexpected spontaneous selfies.


▽概念图:社交走道 Social Corridor concept image



▽概念图:通往洗手间的社交走道 Social Basin concept image



▽概念图:社交打卡间 Social Photobooth concept 



▽概念图:社交打卡型洗手间 Social Photobooth 


▽社交洗手台 Social basin

© Studio Zeros
© Studio Zeros


5. 品牌设计 Branding Design. GRiD


▽GRiD 的 Logo 设计 GRiD Logo



GRiD 位于城市的枢纽位置,这里人来人往充满了活力和能量,新转角位置的餐厅和建筑内部形成了积极的社交空间,同时其立面形象也具有自我表达的作用。GRiD 的 Logo 采用了极具个性和图形化的设计,带有老虎机风格,其中字母“i”代表“自我”。

The new corner restaurants and interior of GRiD are a positive convergence of social spaces with multiple platforms for self-expression located at a city junction which is in a constant flux of people flow vibrancy and energy. Here the building is graphically personalised with a slot machine style- jackpot GRiD Logo, the letter “i” representing “self”.



GRiD 作为最终的品牌名称,设计团队将其运用在整个项目的设计中,包括外立面、入口处、内部导视系统,以及天地墙和灯光照明的设计中。

“GRiD” building and brand name was developed by the design team and integrated into the design of the facade, entrances, wayfinding, and interior design.


6. 以图形设计和标识设计的方式来室内搭建舞台 Setting the stage with graphic interior design and wayfinding


▽标识设计情绪版 GRiD Wayfinding Mood board Concept 



项目使用工业材质和肌理,体现了朋克摇滚精神和自由的表达方式,其明亮的霓虹灯色彩,旨在激发好奇心,让 GRiD 从周边建筑中脱颖而出,并与街对面色彩缤纷的商铺产生共鸣。

The post -industrial material palette embodying the spirit of grunge, freestyle expression and arcade neon renders GRiD generationally different to its neutral neighbours, instead taking its colourful character from the vibrantly illuminated shophouses across the street.


▽地下一层自动扶梯下的中庭 Basement 1 Central escalator Atrium

© Studio Zeros


色彩鲜艳的超大品牌 Logo 以图形和霓虹灯色彩为灵感,强化了运动活力的概念,犹如进入GRiD 川流不息的人流一般。图形设计主题引导人们从街道前往地下室,通过自动扶梯和电梯大堂到达位于建筑上部楼层的餐厅、商店和教育学院。

The supersized road marking graphics and neon logos are a real life stage set a flux of people and activities supported by GRiD’s urban theme. The urban graphic theme guides users around the building from street to basement and up through the escalator voids and lift lobbies to the restaurants, shops and education campus located at the building’s upper levels.


▽中庭 Central escalator Atrium

© Studio Zeros
© Studio Zeros


▽实利基路夜景照片 Night Photo of Selegie Road

© Fabian Ong


▽一层电梯厅走道 L1 lift lobby common corridor

© Studio Zeros




Pop-up stores, remote-working / study zones, and social shared spaces encourage communal events, public interaction and space sharing.

Floor graphics and ceiling patterns incorporate abstract and supersized versions of street directional signage and road markings.


▽概念图:地面图案与材质布局 Floor finishes and graphics concept plan



▽从社交楼梯前往地下一层 Basement entrance from Social stairs

© Fabian Ong


天花上的方向标志引导人们前往 GRiD 内部具有吸引力的关键社交设施和租赁区域,图形图标的设计符合年轻人漫不经心的心态和行动方式。

Ceiling directional signs guide visitors to key attractor social facilities and tenancy areas within GRiD. Graphic icons are designed to casual youthful insouciance and motion.


▽具有吸引力的标识图形设计 Key “attractor” facilities icons



▽室内引导标识设计 Interior Directional Signage



SPARK 将一个旧式购物中心改造提升成一个全新的场所,是对现有校园学习、工作、社交、购物、餐饮功能的延伸,和与当地艺术社区的连接。


SPARK has transformed GRiD into a regenerated place to “be”. A learning campus, workplace, a place to socialise, shop, eat and connect with the local arts community.

An outwardly looking destination that is social, experiential and an authentic “local” experience in an offbeat location.


▽实利基路主入口 Selegie Road Main Entrance 

© Studio Zeros




Total GFA (sqm): 21,800sqm (Mall areas for Retrofitting workscope: 10,000sqm)

CREDITS / 设计信息
团队成员:斯蒂芬. 平博里,林雯慧, Carlo Joson ,梁仲文,William Nguyen Van Thanh Ha,
Andriani Wira Atmadja, Javier Campoy, Mark Mancenido, Michael Halagao, Maribelle Lapizar,
Syazana Paudzi, Regina Kartika, Joei Wee, Lili Saputri, Aye Yu Mon, Arissa Rashid, Zhen Xiao
客户:GAW Capital Partners, Manful Wings Pte Ltd
项目管理:Arcadis Pte Ltd
结构+机电顾问: ARUP
灯光顾问:Brandston Partnership Inc.
施工监理: Arcadis Singapore
施工方: Gennal Industries Pte Ltd

Architecture, Interior, Graphic, Wayfinding & Branding Design: SPARK
Team: Stephen Pimbley, Wenhui Lim, Carlo Joson, Jessica Leong, William Nguyen Van Thanh
Ha, Andriani Wira Atmadja, Javier Campoy, Mark Mancenido, Michael Halagao, Maribelle
Lapizar, Syazana Paudzi, Regina Kartika, Joei Wee, Lili Saputri, Aye Yu Mon, Arissa Rashid,
Zhen Xiao Yang
Branding, Logo Design & Marketing Collaterals Collaborator: TRIPPLE
Client: GAW Capital Partners, Manful Wings Pte Ltd
Project Manager: Arcadis Pte Ltd
Structural + M&E Engineers: ARUP
Lighting Consultant: Brandston Partnership Inc.
Quantity Surveyor: Arcadis Singapore
Builder: Gennal Industries Pte Ltd


GRiD 商业和教育中心通过积极的再利用而不是大规模的拆除和重建来延续其在社区中所承担的功能


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