Raymond Jungles, Inc. :该空间是在Coconut Grove的主要大道上面的三十四层,对面是帆船湾。

Raymond Jungles, Inc. :The space is on the 34th floor above the main avenue of cocout grove, opposite which is sailboat bay.




We have extended the 15 – foot square swimming pool, revised its proportion, and added a broad recreational edge. In the evening, thousands of optical fiber filaments were placed between stacked stones to twinkle, mimicking the lights of the city. The surface of the rimless pulling pool is tight. Water flows through the edge and splashes the vertical tile surface into the pool below four feet. The two huge pillars on the facade of the building’s waterfront rise above the roof plane. we carved them to allow better circulation around the swimming pool.



On the 18 – foot wall, the main passage near the roof is a stainless steel cable grid supporting the fragrant flowering vines. A panel designed by Jennifer davett floats in its center.



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