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GVL:Gravity , Is the force that causes lonely hearts to be attracted towards each other. With the universe tilting, People are longing for acquaintance. As the universe expands gradually, People begin to feel upset, Towards two billion light years of solitude. I couldn’t help letting out a sneeze . —— Excerpted from Shuntarou Tanikawa “Alone In Two Billion Light Years”


▼项目视频 Video



Suddenly the mist begins to clear, and the dark lake sparkles in the moonlight. Silver ripples dance with the wind as the moon rises over the Baiyun Lake.


▼项目鸟瞰 Project bird’s eye view

© 三棱镜



With the full moon hanging up high in the sky, The lake is brimming with silver waves. Around the lake, elegant bushes and trees are reflected in the water together with the night sky.


▼入口景观动图 Entrance landscape animation

▼入口空间鸟瞰 Aerial view of entrance space

© 三棱镜

▼水面倒影的圆月 The full moon reflected on the water surface

© 三棱镜

▼入口景观艺术装置 Entrance landscape art installation

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“the rise and fall in the level of the sea is just caused by the pull of the moon” ,People have found the connection between the tide and the moon ever since ancient times. And people today always look up at the moon and follow the exploration of the ancients.


▼伴着蜿蜒的步道前行 Follow the winding trails

© 三棱镜

▼随着地形起伏的玻璃围合步道 The glass-enclosed trail along with the undulating terrain

© 三棱镜

▼潮汐景观鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of tidal landscape

© 三棱镜
© 三棱镜
© 三棱镜
© 三棱镜


你好,我是地球与月球间的引力 Hello, I am the gravity between the earth and the moon


Born lonely in the universe, I am longing for encounter and company. I had been waiting here before the ancients noticed the regular rise and fall of the sea level. Now I notice children on the earth playing together, just like stars attracted by each other. The emotion of human beings, such as love, is another form of gravity, which makes me indulged in.


▼漂浮于水中的艺术廊架 Art gallery floating in the water

© 三棱镜
© 三棱镜
▼蜿蜒的景观步道 Winding landscape trail

© 三棱镜

▼平静的镜面水景倒影着场地景象 The calm mirrored water scene reflects the scene of the venue

© 三棱镜

▼夜景 Night view

© 三棱镜

▼变化的水中潮汐 Changing water tides

© 三棱镜


小兔子 Bunny


小晨 Xiao Chen


I went to the Gravity Park by the Baiyun Lake together with my best friend Xiao Chen today. Mom said there were many places where we could play long ago, but gradually they disappeared. To rebuild the wonderland for children, GVL created an interactive landscape park here.

Today, I, together with Bunny, went to the Gravity Park, where there is a large round gate with moon-shaped patterns on it. A stream flows at the end of the woods, along which there is the dancing fountain, the pump and the water-powered bicycles.


▼引力公园局部鸟瞰 Partial bird’s eye view of Gravity Park

© 三棱镜

▼在小溪上戏水玩耍 Splashing in the creek

© 三棱镜
© 三棱镜

▼潮汐环流系统动图 Motion picture of tidal circulation system


小兔子 Bunny


小晨 Xiao Chen


The stream, called the Tidal Circulation, simulates the interaction between the moon’s gravity and the sea tides. The water circulation starts from the bridge, flows into a “river”, passes through a “raging canyon” and finally runs into the sea.

I like the beaches along the stream best since I can feel the touch of the water when sitting on the rock. The most magical scene is to see the water “flows” up into the air. The secret is that the nozzle is angled to create an artificial wave effect, mimicking the tidal surging back into the estuary during a full moon in Mid-Autumn.


▼在小溪边上有着趣味性的跳跳泉、汲水器 There are interesting jumping springs and water traps on the edge of the creek

© 三棱镜
© 三棱镜


小晨 Xiao Chen


Look! There is a bridge opening over there. Like a secret base, there are slides, climbing nets, rolling balls, climbing hills, rubber trampolines and wormhole climbing nets. Look at that hill! It looks like the crater on the moon. Amazing!


© 三棱镜


小兔子 Bunny


Today in the Gravity Park, I experienced the moon’s gravity and the tidal circulation that I had learned in nature class. I really like it! I hope there will be more such parks in Guangzhou that I can go and play with my best friend!


▼月山乐园景观动图 Yueshan Paradise landscape animation

© 三棱镜
© 三棱镜


设计师说 Designer‘s Words


As a designer and mom, I always hope to build more creative and child-friendly communities and parks. Therefore, in the process of design, I worked on many details and hid some interactive designs in the landscape.







The first time we walked along the Baiyun Lake at dusk, the waves sparkling in the moonlight impressed and inspired us a lot.

The project is close to the lake, so we hope to continue the poetry and ecology of the lake through spatial organization. Also, we hope to integrate functions and aesthetics, and combine artistic landscape with interactive experience, creating an interactive park both for fun and education.

During the process, we overcame many difficulties, for example, how to achieve the ideal light effect with the moon stickers in a polycarbonate plate? We’ve done a lot of experiments with tidal circulation. Finally, we made it.

Upon the opening of the park, I took my daughter Bunny and other children to experience it. Seeing the children enjoy themselves around, I really feel happy and proud. I do hope our design will provide colorful experiences and bring kids a happy childhood.





Project name: Guangzhou first opened Poly·Yunhu No.1
Client: Guangdong Poly Urban Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape area: 6500㎡
Design time: September 2020
Completion time: May 2021
Landscape design: GVL Group
Construction unit: Hangzhou Xinpeng Construction Co., Ltd.
Landscape photography: Prism, Branding Department of GVL Yijing International Design Group, Guangdong Poly Urban Development Co., Ltd.



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