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CBULD:The project is located at the junction of two major sections of Zigong (Sichuan Well Old Town and Huidong Plate) in Sichuan Province. The area is convenient for transportation and surrounded by two parks (Yantianwo Park and Yandu Botanical Garden) and has excellent natural resources. And “there are pearls in front, a gate in the back, phoenix in the left, and a nest in the right”, which is the place where our project. the long-running folk songs officially belong to.So, the position of “hidden time, natural beauty, and the creation of a park-like living” was born.


项目观溪樾以生态公园为载体,将历史与现代的碰撞传递  Guanxiyue is based on the ecological park and pass the collision between history and modernity

让城市对话艺术,让艺术对话生活,于山水艺术中感受“漫“生活的喜乐 Let the city talk about art, let art talk and live, and feel the joy of life in the landscape art


植入「时光涟漪」 的景观主题——用现代的手法诠释自贡这座城市历史长河上的宝藏。经过多轮的草图、模型沟通,确定最终的景观平面与空间形态。

The theme of the landscape of “Times of Time” is implanted – a modern interpretation of the treasures of Zigong’s historical river. After several rounds of sketches and model communication, the final landscape plane and spatial form are determined.


项目总平面 plan






The site is a long strip of space with a short depth. In order to make it more layered, we maximize the length of the municipal extension. The use of the length of the display surface to define a linear space structure – such as the dragon to vacate, presenting a magnificent atmosphere of welcome, accompanied by water to the first scene of the city imprint.




The entrance gates and pedestrian integration are combined with the park entrance while reducing the fragmentation of the municipal interface. The large-sized shaped porch is modern and magnificent, and the Hermès gray stone inward-looking curved wall is smooth. Setting up the art sculpture on the green island in the middle is the first time to make people’s eyes condense and attract people.


星光璀璨,如梦如幻的艺术装置,星空阙宇  Art installation,star missing


The universe abstraction expresses the magnified form of the salt crystals, which are superimposed by art techniques to form an asymmetrical inverted triangle block, which is like a sly planet in the vast universe, guiding us to explore. The peripheral black steel wire ropes are transparent, and the separate car lines and pedestrian entrances that are separated and unbounded, not only divide the specific space attributes, but also make the space experience rich.





The hotel-style driving courtyard is simple and clean. The curved wall of Hermès grey stone veneer is lifted up to the space scale, and the plastic volcano is like a waiter to welcome the vehicle. And the time walks separated by a wall, people enter the porch with the tropical flower environment + jumping spring, allowing visitors to relax in the space full of detail.




The sturdy rain and rain corridor is the only way for pedestrians, and the stainless steel copper-plated grid is full of sequence. Combining the elements of the arched walls, grille, and lamp strips on both sides to guide the line of sight, and eliminating the unfavorable conditions such as the model house and the building angle.





Use the height difference of the site to create a pure forest space on the water. Forming terraced-like layers of waterfalls and water features, combined with lush plants, calm and moving, creating a peaceful and far-reaching mood. The building is surrounded by greenery and symbiotic with the natural ecological environment, paying tribute to the mountainous city style of Zicheng “half-city Qingshan half-city building”.




With the rhythm of the wind and rain corridor, I came to the “Flower Water Garden”. A circle of waterscape diverges outward like a water surface under the shade of light. The light and shadow are scattered, the shade is mottled, and it is intertwined with the water curtain that hangs down on the corridor. It seems as if the air is suddenly quiet. If it weren’t for the sound of the water, it seems that time is still.




Layered water, such as a crescent moon, is also a romantic expression of geological changes.Step by step, half of the pool and half forest. The lush green spots and misty water come into view, accompanied by flowing water, and the ethereal environment is pleasing to the heart.




The trails seem to lead the bridge across the starry sky and enter the experience hall.The unique shape of the sand in the oasis of the water echoes the Buddha’s grass, breaking the single sense of the stone wall and creating a simple and pure modern Zen space.


漂浮在绿岛间的步道 A walkway floating between green islands

水中的禅意绿洲 Oasis in water



灰空间植入艺术书吧、亲水吧台等功能设施,营造舒适、趣味的人居交融生活场所,带来舒适而有温度的“臻 · 生活“体验。

The gray space is equipped with functional facilities such as an art book and a hydrophilic bar to create a comfortable and fun place to blend living places, bringing a comfortable and warm “elegant life” experience.




In front of the hydrophilic bar, a curved pool seems to be quiet, and the pool is covered with grass and grass, and the light and shadow are interlaced, which hides the living environment that people are yearning for.


山丘流云造型的亲水吧台  Water bar, hill cloud




The terrazzo trails, the zinnias, the grass flowers and the reed lights make your journey home full of temperature. Move with your heart, follow the line, return home.




客户 :自贡融创瑞新置业有限公司
完成年份: 2019
联系邮箱: 757782270@qq.com
设计总监: 任刚
设计团队: 曾敏、彭川、张宏宇、张露、韩孝虎、秦贞、刘维维、匡辉文、陈辉(水电)、唐琴(植物)
施工单位 :四川兴立园林环境工程有限公司
软装单位 :深圳市普瑞得景观设计有限公司
雕塑单位 :成都海艺雕塑工程有限公司
花镜单位 :四川陌上花开花境园艺有限公司
摄影师: Holi河狸景观摄影

Project Name: GUANXIYUE
Location: zigong, sichuan, China
Client: Sunac China Holdings Limited
Completion date: 2019
Area: 13279㎡
Landscape Design : CBULD
Company website :www.cqlandiao.com
Contact email: 757782270@qq.com
Design director: Ren Gang
Design team: zeng min, Peng chuan, zhang hongyu, zhang lu, han xiaohu, qin zhen, liu weiwei, kuang huiwen, Chen hui (hydropower), tang qin (plant)
Photography : holi


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project



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