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Aether Architects: This project is located in Sanxingtang Village, Gulao Water Town, Guangdong Province, the main function of the building is to provide a public space for afternoon tea and spaces to promote the water village’s culture. While considering the function and harmony with the scale of the surrounding, the standardization and minimize impact on the site of construction are also the main thinking of the project.




Gulao Water Town has its unique regional texture, the ponds and houses present a regular and free intertwined network landform,although this interpenetrating organic state is man-made, it looks like nature that has existed since ancient times. In the use of land, people here leave more proportion for the pond, and the construction of houses keeps the space comfort while minimizing the ground occupation as much as possible. The new building design hopes to continue the local frugality of space without losing the characteristics of intimate and comfortable body scale. Therefore, the design of the building absorbs and adopts the scale (Multiples of about 1 meter) of various public spaces (village paths, water bridges, bridge platforms, etc.) here as the basic scale modulus, and based on the relationship between the plants in the site and the movement of people, a free-flowing volume is derived although it is a standardized grid.


▽项目与周边环境鸟瞰 Aerial view



The fish pond, the house on the pier and the sky constitutes the unique three-dimensional landscape here: the nature between the houses, the interpenetrating of ponds and houses, the interaction of light and color between the water surface and the sky, etc. form a living space which the scenery exists in the whole or part. In order to continue this spatial feature, we design a building without facade to promote the intimate connection between the interior and exterior spaces of the building; Under the premise of satisfying the force, the columns of the building are similar to the cross-sectional dimensions of the surrounding bamboo and columns used in the fish ponds, so as to seek the harmony of the overall environmental scale, and the columns are also used as an elements to subdivide the external landscape as to try to introduce the landscape relationship of multi-layer stacking and penetration into the building in the horizontal dimension; At the same time, through the hollowing out of the floor and the texture of the ceiling material, the multi-layered scenery effect is further superimposed in the vertical dimension. In this way we hoped that the multi-dimensional landscape phenomenon of the daily space here can be continued in a contemporary architectural way then dialogue and coexistence with the local.


▽邻水而建的公共空间 A public space adjacent to the water

▽被风景环绕的舒适环境 A comfortable environment surrounded by scenery



Finally, in order to reduce the possession of the earth, the building was raised above the grass, and the edge of the raised building also forms a platform for sitting on. we hope that the new building can present a multi-faceted function, people can freely choose the floor of the building, soft inflatable cushions, ergonomic chairs or the grass surrounding the building as their resting place, and through the space created by the building to put people in a comfortable environment surrounded by scenery.


▽场地被抬升为可随意闲坐的平台 The site was raised into a platform for lounging

▽内部细节展示 Interior detail display


▽平面图 Plan

▽屋顶平面 Roof plan

▽剖面 section

▽西立面 West elevation





Project Name:GuLao Tea Aclove
Location:Gulao Water Village, HeShan, GuangDong
Design Company:Aether Architects
Chief Architect(s):Huang Zelin
Design Team:List of architectural design team members (do not exceed 20 for the number of names)
Structural Design Company:Aether Architects
Client:KAI Planning, OCT(Jiangmen)
Construction Company:YiDai Exhibition
Site Area:380m²
Gross Floor Area:180m²
Structure Form:Timber



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