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Instinct FabricationBeijing has grown rapidly in the past 20 years and as open space diminished, parks often were not planned for.  Existing parks lack quality space and modern programs that attract people from their homes to enjoy nature. Beijing Longfor G-Park is a landscape intervention designed to motivate people to enjoy the outdoors, integrating advanced technologies in a recreational park framework.





 The site is located at the northwest corner of Beijing, where a number of Hi-tech, world-renowned enterprises have located including HUAWEI, LENOVO, BAIDU, and others. The implementation of the park not only added a quality public space for this rapidly growing region, it also introduced an innovative and interactive experience beyond the general characteristics of a park.


▽公园总平面图 Plan

©Instinct Fabrication




The characteristics of the Beijing Haidian Hi-Tech district inspired us to research beyond non-traditional park components and blend the advanced technologies of the high-tech companies surrounding the site.   The design and material palette were kept simple in order to replicate the sleekness of today’s technology, featuring modern paving, reflective water features, and an advanced irrigation system.  The park is surrounded by a mountainous background in northwest zone of Beijing, an area less developed and full of natural attributes including established tree forests, a meandering creek, and expansive agrarian fields.  The materials, in addition to complementing technology, also blends with this natural environment.  The park’s landscape and vegetation were design to contrast with each other, represented in white and green respectively. The continuous and consistent appearance unites the diverse program experience consisting of seating, event lawn, digital water curtain, maple tree matrix, interactive water feature, outdoor meeting room, and mobile recreation box.


▽公园入口 Main entrance


▽被保留的原生杨树林 Preserved native poplar forest


▽雨水花园 Rain garden



蜿蜒的白墙创造了一系列的空间,提供了全景视角来观察公园的周围环境,特别是背景中的山脉 – 西山,北京的标志性自然资源。

The meandering white walls create a series of spaces and offer 360 view angles to the park’s surroundings, particularly of the mountains in the background, West Mountain, a signature nature resource in Beijing.


▽柔美的白色线条划分场地空间 Soft white lines divide the site space


▽蜿蜒交错的白墙 Meandering white walls


▽白墙内随机分布的树池形状各异 Randomly distributed tree pools in a white wall with different shapes





A self-sustaining system is the central program of the park, in which the landscape can self-supply power and water for its operation and maintenance. The concept is realized through solar thin-film technology that harvests energy and water storage module devices that reuse stormwater, creating a self-sustainable low-carbon ecological cycle.

The water storage module collects the rainwater from the surface of the park to the underground water storage device, with a capacity large enough to be reused for irrigation and other water use. The water module, integrated with the solar film energy produced, is activated by the central console and turns on the irrigation system automatically.


▽水可持续系统分析图 Water sustainability

©Instinct Fabrication

▽开敞的草坪空间设置灌溉系统 Open lawn space with irrigation system




Due to the special texture of the solar film, it is a challenge to place and integrate into a suitable landscape interface.  In order to receive enough sunlight and avoid direct human contact to properly function, it was integrated in the park’s system and placed on top of the pavilion, lamps, pavements, and trash cans. Solar thin film is a clean energy technology that is non-polluting, lowers energy consumption, flexible, and its lightweight makes it applicable to a variety of products. With increasing global emphasis on environmental protection, low carbon emissions, health and safety, and practicality, applying this technology to the landscape environment plays a positive role in people’s living environment and life experience.


▽太阳能薄膜技术分析 Solar system

©Instinct Fabrication

▽中央控制台显示屏 Central console display screen


▽太阳能设备 Solar energy equipment


▽可调温座椅 Variable temperature seat



充满活力体验的公园 A FUN PARK


The water feature connects people to the landscape and inspires people to activate water motion.  The staggered panel module captures and converts power to electricity, stored in the central hub and transferred to water jets when pressed.


▽跳跳泉设计分析原理 Tiaotiaoquan design analysis principle


▽雾喷系统演示 Demonstration of spray system

▽互动雾喷 Interactive mist spray

▽数控水帘 Digital water curtain structure




The park also accommodates diverse uses from sports, jogging, events, meetings to educational and interactive programs. It becomes the new destination in the region for residents and the workers from adjacent High-Tech companies.


▽丰富的休闲生活体验 Rich leisure life experience



▽会议盒子演示动图 Conference box demo animation

▽会议盒子内部空间 Meeting box interior space



▽互动骑行装置 Interactive cycling device


▽互动音乐装置 Interactive Music device





The Haidian G-Park is one of prototypes for future park development, integrating technology with nature. Since its opening in 2018 , thousands of people and several IT companies visiting the park have marveled over the park’s unique features. It has become the district’s premier destination This park challenges traditional notions of how landscapes engage people, inspiring society and promoting the economic development of the district. The design of this park is an innovative model influencing future designs that incorporate interactive experiences in an outdoor environment.





设计公司:Instinct Fabrication本色营造
开发商:北京市海淀区园林局 北京龙湖
摄影师:鲁冰、周星 、楼颖 、高尔夫印记

Project Name: Haidian Photosynthesis Park
Year of completion: 2021
Project area: 11,500 square meters
Project Location: Beijing Haidian North New District
Design company: Instinct Fabrication
Company website: www.instinctfabrication.com
Contact email: wei.zhao@instinctfabrication.com
Chief Designer: Lou Ying
Developer: Beijing Haidian District Landscape Bureau, Beijing Longhu
Landscape construction party: Chongqing Sencheng (Phase I) and Beijing Century Licheng (Phase II);
Intelligent design and equipment: deck smart technology;
Solar equipment: Hanergy
Photographers: Lu Bing, Zhou Xing, Lou Ying, Golf Mark



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