Shma : Hasu Haus是位于Pra Kra Nong运河沿岸的宁静社区中的公寓开发项目。就周边环境而言,Hasu Haus项目的景观特征旨在反映“与水共处”和“缓慢生活”的理念。景观概念试图解释传统的泰式风景空间“家园”,它由与游泳池无缝连接的睡莲池组成。水上球场将被热带种植和木材木板路包围。有3个浮水亭与“睡莲池”相连。水上球场也与Pra Kra Nong运河旁的室外露台和功能草坪进行了物理和视觉连接。一些现有的树木被保持在这个地方的精神。精心挑选新的种植品种以便与周围环境中的“花园中的房子”融为一体,例如沿着场地参数的玫瑰苹果、芒果树、杰克果、槟榔,而水庭内的种植是印度橡树、槟榔,香灰莉等。

Shma : Hasu Haus is the condominium development situate amongst the tranquil neighborhood along Pra Kra Nong canal. As the surrounding environment context, the landscape feature of Hasu Haus project is designed to reflect the idea of “living with water” and “slow life”. The landscape concept is try to interpret the traditional Thai landscape space of “Baan Saun”( Home Garden) where composed of water lily pool which seamlessly connected with the swimming pool. The water court will be surrounded by rush tropical planting along with timber boardwalk. There are 3 floating pavilions interlocking with the “water lily pool”. The water court is also connected physically and visually to the outdoor terrace and function lawn next to the Pra Kra Nong canal. Some of the existing trees are kept to maintain the spirit of the place. New planting species/palate are well selected in order to blend in with the surrounding context of “บ้านสวน” such as Rose Apple, Mango Tree, Jack Fruit, Areca palm along the site parameter while the planting palate inside the water court are Indian Oak,Areca palm, Tembusu ,etc.


Hasu Haus by Shma Hasu Haus by Shma
Hasu Haus by ShmaHasu Haus by ShmaHasu Haus by ShmaHasu Haus by Shma Hasu Haus by Shma

Hasu Haus by Shma平面图

Hasu Haus by Shma Hasu Haus by Shma空间与植物分析


Hasu Haus by Shma


“睡莲池”被设计为景观空间的标志,以创造周边地区的反射效果。池边的水溢出池边,创造出宁静的水声效果。 特色树(印度橡树)位于这个池内,以提供良好的视觉焦点。

The Water Lily Pool
The “water lily pool” is designed to be a signature of the landscape space to create a reflective effect of the surrounding area. The water from to pool is overflowing along the pool edge to create a tranquil water sound effect. There are 2 nos. of feature trees (Indian Oak) locating within this pool to provide the nice focal point.


Hasu Haus by Shma



The Main Swimming Pool
The main swimming pool is the main activities area of the project. The timber pool deck is raised up to takes advantage of the view towards the waterfront.


Hasu Haus by Shma


木材木板路沿着运河边放置。 有4个漂浮的小屋依偎在茂密的树叶中休息和放松。 在这个滨水区的主要空间,有一个多用途的草坪,周围有浅水区和木质甲板,为聚集空间提供了一个很好的环境。

The Timber Boardwalk
The timber boardwalk is placing along the canal edge. There are 4 nos. of floating cabanas nestled in the lush foliage for resting and relaxing. At the main space of this water front area, there is a multipurpose lawn surrounded by shallow water feature and timber deck to provide a nice setting for gathering space.

Hasu Haus by Shma Hasu Haus by Shma Hasu Haus by Shma Hasu Haus by Shma Hasu Haus by ShmaHasu Haus by Shma


顾客: 尚思瑞 PCL
建筑设计:Somdoon Architects

Project name: Hasu Haus
Project type:Apartment
Location: Thailand
Client: Sansiri PCL
Architect:Somdoon Architects