bensleyHowie’s HomeStay is a luxury eco resort in Chiang Mai and is designed to leave a minimum footprint on the local environment. Locally sourced natural materials are used wherever possible. Recycled timbers and sustainable lumber ensures minimum impact on the forests.Natural fertilizers composted on site feed the luscious gardens and great care is taken to let the resort develop naturally.


豪伊的家园在肥沃的山谷,梯田稻田和古老的寺庙中,周围环绕着壮丽的花园,享有喜马拉雅山麓的全景。是一个手工制作的豪华生态度假胜地。Jirachai and Bill的绿色智慧,在花园里不使用化学品。相反,有一个大的堆肥区。这里从来没有燃烧过。再次从Jirachai了解到,’生态’和’生物’是人类为偿还和尊重大自然而做的最不重要的事情。

Local labor is used and produce sourced from the local markets ensuring that Howie’s HomeStay supports the local Chiang Mai community.Thanks to Jirachai’s green wisdom, we do not use chemicals in our garden. Instead we have a large composting area. There is never any burning here. Again from Jirachai we have learned that being ‘Eco’ and ‘Bio’ are the least that mankind can do to repay and respect Mother Nature.






Client:Howie’s HomeStay