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Place Design Group:Jiangcheng Paradise Walk goes far beyond a commercial centre; it’s a recreational destination embracing diversified possibilities at great heights. Elevating up to the podium roof, visitors discover an unexpected place for activities, that more blur the lines between commercial and community public realm.





Like a lot of things in today’s world, the way we shop, and view retail outlets has shifted. What people want out of retail is changing, as traditional commercial or retail centres are adjusting to incorporate more engagement, collaboration, and cultural exchange. These spaces have developed from being a simple place to buy goods, to an integral part of our daily lives. With this cultural change comes a shift in facilities, programming and spatial planning.

As the first Paradise Walk in Hanjiang District, Wuhan, developed in partnership with Longfor Group and China Gezhouba Group, Jiangchen Paradise Walk embodies this new way of thinking, by combining a diverse range of offerings that include retail, office and residential apartment buildings. The complex acts as a passage corridor, built on top of the district transportation hub, and sits in conjunction with two major metros, multiple bus lines, as well as main urban roads that run passed the site. The building is positioned between Wuhan CBD and Wuhan Financial Street, adjacent to residential communities, revealing the city to create a more energised, better connected, and highly activated public place that locals love, and tourists want to visit.



开放临街界面:吸引人们停留 Open street frontages: inviting people to stay longer




With the high amount of people passing Jiangchen Paradise Walk everyday, open street frontages that showcase a strong link between different functional areas was crucial to attracting people to come, visit and stay.

Clear pedestrian pathways were established to connect the ground plaza and adjacent transportation exits and roadways. It was a significant design process as the site is surrounded by a complex transportation web that constitute municipal sidewalks, subway stations, bus stops and more. A simple and open landscape with strong visual design language was then introduced to create inviting street frontages.

Design of the ground plaza has reserved space along the street for large commercial events or small intimate functions, festival celebrations, leisure activities and restaurant outdoor setup options, providing a flexible supportive environment with opportunities for future activation of the space.


▽场地鸟瞰 Bird’s-eye view


激活城市屋顶:附加社区和商业价值 Revitalising urban rooftops: adding community and commercial values

普利斯设计集团在构思江宸天街的景观方案时,将目光投向了城市中鲜少被充分利用的屋顶空间。项目的五至七层有相当大面积的屋顶空间未被利用为活动区。我们认为这是一个不容错失的好机会,因此提出了一系列具有商业和社区价值的 “城市屋顶激活方案”。



When conceptualising the landscape design for Jiangchen Paradise Walk, we turned our attention to the rarely utilised urban rooftop. The building has a significant roof size on the fifth to seventh floors which were not included in the initial design program as active user zones. We felt the opportunity was too good to pass up and proposed a range of alternative roof activation plans that could offer both commercial and community value.

Working closely with the client, architects and engineers, we managed to establish a multi-use sporting zone, combining a rooftop running track, viewing deck, a basketball court and grandstand seating on the seventh floor underutilised roof space.

To support the added value Paradise Walk would bring to the local community, we ensured the character of the space reflected areas of opportunity and connectivity for all ages and groups.





The fifth and sixth floors house a variety of restaurants and offer smaller and private outdoor roof spaces . The rooftop design supports the commercial value to curate different spaces that support flexible activities, which may include catering support, creative bazaars and children’s play.





There were quite a number of challenges in the initial stage of implementing the design, including the relocation of the service equipment, to ensure appropriate link between the upper roof and lower floors, the engineering behind the rooftop pedestrian circuit, as well as the height difference and fluidity of the running track structure.

In collaboration with the client and consultants, the rooftop service equipment was able to be relocated, releasing a landscape area of 4,000㎡ that created more opportunity for active use. A lot of design thinking was taken to establish a strong connection between upper and lower floors, as well as understanding how people would use the space and move around easily throughout. The principle of barrier arrangement was also a key focus, using ‘barrier’ like structures and planting to cover and lighten the rooftop’s previously grey area while improve visual comfort of the large open space.




The revitalisation of this space has strengthened the retail centre’s identity, attracting tourists to visit from all around the world, while offering locals a real sense of place, somewhere they want to return time after time.




主创设计师:Andrew Comer
开发商:龙湖集团 | 葛洲坝地产

Project Name: Jiangchen Paradise Walk
Year of Completion: 2021
Project Area: 42,570 square metres
Project Location: Wuhan, Hubei, China
Landscape Design: Place Design Group
Chief Designer: Andrew Comer
Website: www.placedesigngroup.com
Email: info@placedesigngroup.com
Landscape design upgrade: FLO
Client: Longfor Group | China Gezhouba Group
Photographer: Holi Landscape Photography




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