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Jiejie Studio :It took three years to design and build the garden. The owner of the garden is an entrepreneur who bought this modern house with a backyard in the suburbs of Beijing a few years ago. The owner found us to design a garden for him, so called Jie Yuan, as a place for wandering, enjoying tea and watching fish.


▽介园概览 Overview

▽介园概念画 (2017年) Concept Drawing

▽介亭为介园的主体建筑之一 Pavilion Jie is the main structure in the Jie Yuan


|南园|South Garden


The Jie Pavilion is the main building of the South Garden, in lightweight steel structure. We came out with a double-layered roof design. The first layer of the roof is for an independent pavilion, supported by four slender columns of 80 mm diameter, which is separated from the main building and constructs a floating roof state. The roof of the first floor itself is actually a flower trellis, and climbing vines are planted next to the northeast corner column, with the intention of constructing a pergola landscape “like a green cloud suspended in the air”.


▽南园入口 South Garden Entrance

▽南园入口局部 Detail of South Garden Entrance

▽南园介亭区域概况 Overview of South Garden and Pavilion Jie

▽南园介亭鸟瞰 Bird’s view of Pavilion Jie

▽介亭,矮墙与平台 Pavilion Jie, Knee Wall and Terrace

▽双层屋顶, 花架与花房 Double-layer Roof, flower trellis and flower house

▽介亭与平台的转折处 Connection of Pavilion Jie and Terrace

▽漂浮的平台与矮墙 Floating Terrace and Knee Wall

▽矮墙西段 West Portion of the Knee Wall

▽矮墙与山石 Knee Wall and Rocks

▽矮墙砌筑局部 Opening at Knee Wall


|东园|East Garden


The East Garden is located on the east of the house, composed of a boat house, a center deck, a zig-zag gallery, and a pond. Because the owner loves to have fish and request to have a large fish pond in the east of the building. The east garden is also composed of how to “view” the fish. The intention is to build a garden landscape that is “livable, respectable, and moveable”.


▽东园鸟瞰 Overview of East Garden


Linglingfang (boat house) comes from an ancient poetry that describes the “sound of the seven strings played is clear and feels cool, sounds like the wind blowing through the winter pines”. The structure is similar to the Pavilion Jie. The steel structure with a double-layer roof and the whole structure is lifted above the water surface, like a boat docked in the pond, which is the main structure of the East Garden. A 2-meter-high stone wall is set on the back to ensure privacy between it and its neighbors while connecting the north-south curved corridor.


▽泠泠舫 Linglingfang (boat house)

▽阴天的泠泠舫局部 Linglingfang (boat house) in a cloudy day

▽阳光下的泠泠舫局部 Linglingfang (boat house) in a sunny day

▽泠泠舫窗扇打开与映舟Linglingfang with screen opened and Yingzhou (center deck)



Yingzhou (center deck) is a place to watch fish on the pond with water around. The shape looks like a boat sunken in the water with a glass bottom. The owner can sits in it, watching the fish swim under and play.


▽映舟Yingzhou (center deck)



The zig-zag gallery is also light-weight steel structure, and the single-sided grid wall is enclosed to the west to ensure the inward privacy of the garden. Meanwhile, it also creates the path for the East Garden. It connects all paths of the East Garden and the South Garden, making it possible to move and still view the scenery in the garden.


▽曲廊 Zig-zag gallery

▽曲廊贴水处 The opening to the water

▽泠泠舫与曲廊 Linglingfang and zig-zag gallery

▽曲廊局部 Detail of zig-zag gallery

▽曲廊与石墙转折处 the connection of zig-zag gallery and stone wall

▽石墙门洞看向泠泠舫 Opening to Linglingfang

▽石墙洞口看向曲廊 From Stone Wall Opening to Zig-zag Gallery




The entry area continues the floating roof design, which corresponds to the roof structure of Jie Pavilion.


▽别墅大门区域 Entry of the House




The original prototype of Pavilion Jie is a lightweight double-roof structure designed by the studio in 2017. The buildings in Jie Yuan were designed based on that prototype where people play instrument under the pines and drink around the pavilion. From this, we started to build an introverted contemporary garden, in the face of the balance of the current situation of the site and the demands of the owner, in order to achieve the purpose of the place experience where the daily leisure life and the poetic situation overlap.


▽南园平面图 South Garden Plan

▽南园剖立面图 South Garden Section Elevation

▽东园剖立面图 East Garden Section Elevation

▽大门立面图 Entry Elevation



摄影师:Chill Shine丘文三映

Project Name: Jie Yuan
Project Location: Beijing
Project Type: Architecture, Garden Landscape
Design Firm: Jiejie Studio
Architect: Guanyu Ming
Design Team: Jie Yue
Landscape Design: Wei Shi
Structure Engineer: Zhigang Ma
Concept participant: Lu Wan
Area: 800 m2
Completion: May 2022
Client: Private
Photography: Chill Shine



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