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LAURENT:Building a place is like setting up a stage. The people, things, and things in the future are the vitality of this place. We are depicting the time that cannot be grasped like the wind, and we are also creating the best memories of this moment.



项目区位/北上海最美丽的地方  BEAUTIFUL PLACE


美兰城位于宝山美兰湖, 7号线美兰湖站直线距离约300米,沪太公路西侧,美兰湖风景区直线距离600米左右,被誉为“北上海最美丽的地方”。

As the development core of urban renewal, Baoshan will become the extension of the “combined” new city space pattern, realizing the docking window between regions. CIMC Gemdale Meilan City has a super TOD scale system of nearly 700,000 square meters, covering commercial, office, residential. Comprehensive supporting facilities and other community functions interpret the evolution of the “city within a city”.

Meilan City is located at Meilan Lake, Baoshan District. The distance between Meilan Lake Station of Line 7 is about 300 meters, and the distance between Meilan Lake Scenic Area and HuTai Highway on the west is about 600 meters. It is known as “the most beautiful place in North Shanghai” .



项目初见/最初的感动  THE FIRST TOUCH

读懂一块待建的土地,是一种“顿悟”般的体验,需要理解诸如风、光、环境影响、文化等元素,但同时也要想象,这块土地上未来可能呈现的生活情景 – 好比坐时光机到未来亲身体会一般。            – 安托内 . 普雷多克

To understand a piece of land to be built is an experience like an “epidemic”. It requires understanding elements such as wind, light, environmental influences, culture, etc., but at the same time, it is also necessary to imagine the life scenarios that may be presented in the future on this piece of land – just like Take the time machine to the future and experience it firsthand.                                                                                          – Antoine Predoc




When you walk out of the subway entrance, you will see a noisy and chaotic environment, with crooked bicycles and electric cars placed under the overpass from the subway station. Vehicles and pedestrians who do not follow the traffic rules give me a deep sense of anxiety. The old man riding an electric car at the subway entrance yelled “Where to go? A trip for 5 yuans, which gave me the illusion of bargaining in the vegetable market. In the interweaving of complex feelings, i walked to the project.



Looking for a shortcut, we walked into a 10-meter-long municipal green belt with the flow of people. In the small intestine path trampled by the flow of people, the trees are still growing densely. The sunlight is just right, the light and shadow are mottled, and people can’t help taking a deep breath, relax the anxiety, like opening the door of time and space, unguarded, and start a relaxing and unexpected journey.This piece of wood that has grown here for more than 20 years was originally to be uprooted. But out of this touch, we want to retain this purity without impurities and create an open image for external display.



自然树林的宁静祥和,萤火虫生命的活力与律动,自然光线的星点散落 ……

The tranquility and peace of the natural forest, the vitality and rhythm of firefly life, the stars of natural light are scattered.
We use minimalist installation art to express the brilliance of summer fireflies, and use red lines to show the memory and feelings of the city, as well as the fetters and affection of this land.



挖掘场地特质/聆听空间的序曲  SPACE REQUIREMENT


The original design scope was only 3,000 square meters, but a good design should not be limited to the scope within the red line. It is necessary to ensure the integrity and continuity of the urban space.Listening to the needs of the space, explore the characteristics of the site to the greatest extent, make use of existing resources, conduct in-depth research on the current situation of the site, minimize the amount of construction, and design on the basis of respecting nature as much as possible. We pay more attention to artistic expression with nature communicate, retain regional feelings, and inject fresh vitality. It enables people to have a better talk with the venue itself, and integrates human emotions into the design.




After many field visits, in-depth understanding, and based on the responsibility and love of design, we plan the entire route of the project, space continuation and transformation, and provide free solutions for space combing and marketing planning.






Dieter Ramss sais in “proposed in the ten principles of good design”: good designs are humble, they are neither decorative objects nor works of art. Therefore, they should be modest and restrained, which will leave a certain space for the user’s personality.

The design of the main body of the building is very simple, individual, and full of tension. In this case, if the landscape blindly expresses itself, it will only greatly reduce the overall design effect. We all know that architecture and landscape are interdependent and gradually become closely connected with people’s life. Architecture should as a landscape element participates in the construction of the overall landscape space,let the landscape and architecture have a deeper connection, they are mutually unified and complementary.





The horizontal glass box and large steps of the building constitute an ultra-long-scale entrance interface space; the landscape is combined with the architectural form to design an L-shaped waterscape, and the steps that have been extended since then make the building float lightly like a ladder to heaven . At the same time, it forms a one-point perspective relationship with the architecture, which has a strong lead-in and malleability. In addition, the design tries to create a place for life activities while carrying the building, so that the ladder is not only a passing space, but also a living place where you can rest, read, and watch.





The landscape of the double helix square in the center becomes the focus of gravity, at the same time, it is both beautiful and practical. The continuous form can meet multiple purposes: sitting, lying, standing, and go. According to the needs of different groups of people, it can have different attributes. It is also an event theater and life stage for small events. Here you can relax and enjoy life.





Guide the flow of people to gather or disperse, combined with the architectural form, to form a landscape place that can be retracted or opened.





Boundary blanking: Break the rigid space division, make the boundary blank, and let the landscape space penetrate each other.



模数化的铺装渐变:铺装模数由800*800 、400*400、200*200的模数变化及颜色变化使整个空间变得更加活泼灵动。

Modular pavement gradient: Modulus changes and color changes of paving modulus from 800*800, 400*400, 200*200 make the whole space more lively and smart.





Corian: Uniform material effect during the day, delicate and simple, and the light-transmitting area at night emits brilliance.




Terrazzo: While ensuring the expression of the required texture of the site, terrazzo has the effect of non-moisture reversal and impermeability, and will not cause the ground to be wet or slippery.



景观的抚慰/留住最美的记忆  BEST MEMORY


The landscape is a place that can soothe our spirits and calm our hearts. The venue is close to the city and nature,and it is intertwined with prosperity and comfort, making people feel the peace of mind and the vitality of life. We hope to describe the time that can’t be grasped like the wind, and we are also creating the best memories of this moment!




建成时间:2019. 11

Project name: CIMC Gemdale · Meilan City
Project address: 200 meters, Meilan Lake Station, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Developer: CIMC Industrial City Development Group Co., LTD/Gemdale Commercial Group Co., LTD
Area: 3008㎡
Landscape area: 1968㎡
Completion time: 2010.11
Landscape Design: LAURENT
Architectural design: Elegant design
Construction unit: Shanghai Zhongya Garden Construction Co., LTD
Project Photography: VIEW


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