Myk-d :LG 总部庭院景观由四个部分构成,主入口大水渠溢洪庭院,中庭竹子庭院,内庭沉思庭院以及屋顶花园组成。

Myk-d :The courtyard landscape of LG headquarters consists of four parts: the main entrance, the grand canal overflow courtyard, the bamboo courtyard in the atrium, the meditation courtyard in the atrium and the roof garden.



In this spare entrance garden, bamboo, moss, water and granite are used to create a contemplative courtyard and sculptural pool. The granite water wall invites users to engage directly with the water before entering the contemplative area where the pool reflects the movement of the sky. An agitator in the water periodically breaks this mirror.



The three granite gateways frame the entry experience of the courtyard. Each holds water troughs which begin the different conditions of water play. The water elements vary, from a reflecting pool to a series of spillways that offer aural and visual interest in this strolling garden.



A variety of lush bamboos filter light and frame views within the various garden rooms and fountains in this entry courtyard. The bamboos, ranging from 50-foot trees to groundcover species, form screens that surround granite benches and gathering areas. Located at the LG Research Center, the courtyard is the final design of four related interior and exterior courtyards.



In this rooftop garden, planters are framed by undulating stainless steel walls, creating a reading of an artificially sliced landscape. The undulating walls relate to the soil depth requirements of the various species of trees and grasses. A series of granite irrigation troughs spill into a central pool that is flush with the ground.



Project name: LG Headquarters
Location: Korea
Client:  LG Corporation